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I love to sleep on human legs

Human legs make nice pillows…..the height is just right and they are very warm.



Oh what’s that? You can’t feel your legs? Not my problem…..

Leg in a blanket…..oh bliss…..zzzz

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An eventful weekend

Holidays are over for my humans! We had an “eventful” weekend…..

I fell off the couch and was limping on my right hind leg. My humans thought I had dislocated it, but it was ok after a few minutes and I could walk and jump as usual again. Since it was a long holiday weekend, our vet was not open but I was back to normal and showed no sign of injury after that….

Trying to gain some sympathy from my humans….

Our neighbours have been complaining about my noisy sister Spring who always screams and barks and howl loudly every time my human mom takes me out for a walk. It doesn’t help that she also does the same every time another dog passes by our house.

Another thing, she loves to eat really, really slow that it annoys me. It makes me feel that my humans gave her more food because she’s still munching at it while mine was long gone into my tummy!

Did I mention it’s such a torture to watch and wait? And after all that waiting she didn’t even leave me anything, not even a tiny bite!

That’s ok. I’ll just harass mom for more.

My human says I’m annoying when she’s cooking in the kitchen.

Am I?? I’m just trying to do what a beagle does best…..sniff!

And make noise to get some attention…..

What’s a beagle to do when the humans are cooking this!

Chicken curry! I can smell it a mile away even though I’m barred from entering the kitchen!

And if anyone was asking, nope…. I didn’t get a single bite of it. Their reason was that I had to lose weight. And human food is bad for me.

Really???!! You gotta be kidding me.

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