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Have a beagle-y 2015!

I know I have been missing for more than half a year since my last post (no thanks to my human), but I’m back in this spanking new year and my human promises to give me back my blogging job with a higher treats salary!


Hey yo, I was kidding about the salary! You gonna let me in now??

Christmas came and went….. I got a present from an anonymous secret santa! Can you guess what it is….


It’s a mineral spa shampoo set! Geez….humans must think that I stink a lot….well I ain’t having no spa shower time! Hate shower time!

Oh and I so wanted to share about the beagle gathering we had 2 months ago! My very first beagle meet up! There were 12 of us! Our humans were worried about the chaos of having 12 beagles in the same room with human food and all….. to their surprise, everyone was well behaved (well of course), including the humans. The cafe manager was very very pleased with us and invited us back for another doggy party. I’m sure you are all dying to see pictures of what havoc 12 beagles could have wreaked.


Hello, yup that’s me asking for a treat and scratching the thigh of a pretty human.


Can you spot me waiting for a treat?


That’s my friend Hugo who got most of the treats just because he could do a bunny sit!! So unfair.

By now you would have figured that the only way to take photo of so many beagles is to get the treats ready. All our other photos ended up with blurry heads and blurry butts! Having said that, my human is an awful photographer, but here’s a nice shot from one of our beagle group members….


Can you see all of us in here? I hope to attend more beagle gatherings and meet all my beagle buddies again! My humans can’t complain about me being fat anymore because now they have seen the Real Fat Beagle. My 2 friends, April and Hiro…..they both weigh 20kg. See, I’m not fat after all….compared to those 2. So that’s basically the highlights of my 2014.

So, how did the new year go? I spent new year eve in pain! I hurt my paw and my human noticed I was limping on my right hind leg when she got home on new year eve. All the clinics were closed so they had to take me to the 24 hour animal hospital in the city. Doc said there was no fracture or wound so I most probably stepped on something blunt. It took 2 men to hold me down on my back while he inspected my leg. Feisty little beagle, yup….that’s me!


Not happy with the cone of shame that’s obviously too small. I’m okay now after taking the anti-inflammatory meds.


However, I think I’m gonna pretend to be sick just to get more treats from the humans… you think it will work?

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Visit to the vet

My humans took me to the vet today for my annual vaccination, and the vet was not pleased when I stepped on the weighing scale. I weighed 17.5kg today, and according to the vet, being above 16kg is seriously overweight and 20kg is critical. I can already sniff diet plans and exercise routines coming my way…. 😦

Fat? What do you mean, fat?

I was supposed to get the heartworm jab too but apparently there is no more Proheart SR-12 jab in the whole country. The vet recommended the monthly Revolution instead. It protects against heartworms, ticks, fleas and mites 🙂

What do you think of this product? Is it better than Heartgard?

After seeing the vet, my humans took me to the groomer upstairs to get my nails clipped. The groomer said that I’m very good looking and that I have show dog markings! It made me blush but of course humans can’t tell if a dog is blushing, can they? 🙂

I spent the rest of the day sleeping, playing tug of war with my humans, and watching tv….

I love to steal towels…..

My humans say I would need to wear glasses pretty soon if I continue to watch tv like this…..

No! I don’t look like a seal! Stop calling me that!

I have finally decided what my new year’s resolution is going to be this year. To learn how to steal like a pro!

Clever, don’t you think? 😀

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The vet’s clinic

Last weekend our humans brought us to the vet’s clinic – my favorite vet at Mayo Veterinary Clinic. It’s definitely not Spring’s favorite… in fact she hates going to the clinic so much that she will freak out and pee whenever she gets on the examination table. I, on the other hand, love this guy so much…. as long as he didn’t try to pop any pills down my throat.

Anyway, we were at the vet because Spring’s booster shots were due, and also because mom allegedly saw a live intestinal worm on the car porch the other day. I say, allegedly, because she saw some long thing that moved like a worm and then screamed the whole hell down and jumped into conclusion that it was a worm that crawled out of our butts.

So, we ended up at the vet’s……

I was looking at this strange cat because he was doing something really weird….

He was ripping up newspaper and jumping at the ripped newspaper! I told him “what a weird game you play!” But he ignored me and continued entertaining himself like that….

These kitties are for adoption. They were observing me like a hawk! Creepy little things…..!

When it was our turn….. Doc recognized me as “the dog that refuses to swallow her pills”. So my embarrassed humans decided to take the deworming pills and administer it to us at home by themselves. Spring got her shots after a moment of drama as I weighed myself at the scales. 14.9kg!! Still lots of room for more food!

I wonder why Doc never explained to them about the canine anatomy regarding the pills. Here, I would like to share with you a perfect explanation on why it is difficult to get us canines to swallow our pills. Behold, the canine pill expulsion mechanism!!!

Thanks to the genius who so accurately illustrated this. Now you know.

So, please don’t blame your doggies if they give you a hard time popping pills down their throats. It’s a natural built in reflex!

So tired after a day of sniffing and resisting pills…..zzzzz….

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