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Taking care of my human

My human has been sick for the past 2 days. Too bad for her, but I sure am glad that she stayed home from work!

We spent time taking naps on the couch together….


Although my human kept complaining that I was kicking her off…..

Was I….?

Eventually I got to have the whole sofa to myself…..





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Caring for a sick human

My human mom is not feeling well today. She has a really bad cough and injured her back muscle too! So, no good sleep for her since the coughing hurts her back, and the pain in her back makes her cough!

Since she is feeling down in the dumps, I try to cheer her up with my funny jokes by showing her my butt right in her face, pulling out her blanket and parading it around the house, sleeping on her pillow when she went to get water, chewing the rug, sneezing in her face….. I think I did such a great job because she was finally back to her usual self yelling and chasing me again, and she even played tug of war with me to get her blanket back!

To get her to exercise so that she will be well again (exercise is good for humans!), I scratch at the door to be let out, and after being outside for a couple of minutes, I bark to be let in again. Repeat this for like a hundred times so that my human gets out of the chair a hundred times to exercise and stretch those legs. Then I barked loudly at a cat so she would come outside to see it and get some fresh air.

Finally, I got so tired myself I decided to take a nap on the couch.


My human was feeling restless so she kept petting me, stroking my back, giving me unsolicited hugs and all….. it was interrupting my sleep so I went to sleep on the floor. But she got upset!! And so to appease her I went to sleep on her legs to keep them warm.


It’s such a tiring job taking care of a sick human. But I don’t mind cos it’s fun and I love my silly humans. Don’t worry mom, I’ll take care of you…… but first, I need to catch up on my sleep………zzzzzz…..

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