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Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

I hope I’m not too late to post up my version of the weekly photo challenge. Haven’t done any recent selfies but here’s an old one in which I think I look pretty serious 🙂

It’s tough work trying to take a shot with a clumsy fat paw!

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Beagle vs Human: Who takes better pictures?

Honestly, I think my human is seriously bad at taking photographs. She is so bad at it that almost every single picture I’m in makes me look FAT. In reality, I’m not really that fat. It’s the bad photography skills that makes me look like I am.

Pictures like this….


Or this….


Or this one!!


Seriously, a good photographer should never emphasize on the tummy. A good photographer makes the subject look slender and trim!

Like this…

This is probably one of the only good successful photo of me ever taken.

In fact, I think I take better pictures of myself. Now gimme that camera…..

See? Much better, don’t you think?

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Misadventures of the week

My humans have been busy lately and haven’t had time to take many pictures of me, so I had to do it myself…..

How do you like my selfie? 😀 Inspired by Norm the pug.

I have been busy myself too, since my human grandparents are here in town and I have been working hard to beg for treats. Human mama says I’m getting fat since I weighed 15.9kg at the vet clinic last week. They say I have to go on a diet, but hey…..isn’t that a normal beagle weight? In fact, I think I need more treats for keeping such a good weight record.

Let me tell you of my food exploit a couple of days ago. My human mom came home really late, and so grandpa decided to feed me first. Usually I either get 125g raw food and veggies OR 3/4 cup kibbles. Grandpa got confused and gave me 125g raw food AND a whole cup of kibbles. I gobbled up everything before mom came home. And when she was home, I pretended like I haven’t eaten for 2 days by whining, going to the kitchen and making a lot of noise. My plan was working and she went to get my bowl and opened the fridge! Oh boy oh boy!! I was so excited that I get to eat another round of dinner (despite already having double portions of it earlier)…………until grandpa came down and said that I’ve already eaten. Ohhhh how disappointed I was!!! My cunning dinner plan was completely ruined!!

Nevertheless, I’m glad I managed to gobble up my double portion dinner before mom came home and saw it. She probably would never have found out if not for my big mouth grandpa. But I’m really sad now that mom has given grandpa the exact measurements for my meals and specific instructions not to give any extras 😦 My dreams of having triple dinners was completely shattered…………

I guess I just have to work extra hard to squeeze those treats out from them humans…….time to put these big puppy eyes to good use!

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