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Finally, I get my own Facebook account.  To follow my daily boring beagle life on Facebook, do give me a like and I will share with you the top motivations to stay smelly and avoid bath times! *evil baying in the background*

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A little throwback for now….


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Staircase Immigrant

When I was about 3-4 months old, I had in my possession a lot of items among which the things I loved the most – my smelly pink towel, Eeyore soft toy and a green chew toy which you could stuff treats in and keep me entertained for hours.  These things were always in my crate when I went to bed at night as I loved to go to sleep with them.

One day my human mom was watching TV and I decided to take a nap.  A moment later, mom found me not in my crate, but at the staircase landing… apparently I had decided to migrate to the stairs instead of sleep in my crate.  And brought all my most loved possessions along with me 😀

Mom let me sleep at the stairs for a couple of days until I got bored of it and moved all my things back to my comfortable crate 🙂


Do you think this picture is too small?  Mom thinks my pictures in my previous posts are too huge!

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My puppy days

I am still super young and hyperactive as usual…. But here are some pictures from my puppy days 🙂 I was a tiny little puppy

My first day at my new home

My first toy…. I slept on it like i used to sleep on my siblings’ necks….cos i missed my siblings so much…..

I had very sad looking eyes as a pup….still have them now 🙂

Slept a lot and had a super round belly…. Still sleep a lot and still have that round belly

My bowl was so huge back then……

I loved to hide under the sofa…. I cannot do that now….hee hee

I love tug of war

Always longing for someone to play with me…..

When i was a young puppy, not many humans liked to play with me cos i loved to bite so much and my teeth were so sharp that i hurt my humans. They only started playing with me after i grew a little older and lost my puppy teeth…..

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