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Underwear thief caught sleeping in the victim’s bed

Newsflash! A four legged suspect was recently caught by the human authorities for brazenly committing the perverse act of stealing undergarments belonging to a human victim and sniffing it. The panty sniffer was also found guilty of chewing bras and running off with them in broad daylight.

Photo of the suspect who was charged with daylight robbery and multiple other offenses.

Who would have imagined that this canine pervert was actually found snoozing away contentedly on the victim’s bed.

The verdict? Guilty as charged!

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Beagle vs Human: Who takes better pictures?

Honestly, I think my human is seriously bad at taking photographs. She is so bad at it that almost every single picture I’m in makes me look FAT. In reality, I’m not really that fat. It’s the bad photography skills that makes me look like I am.

Pictures like this….


Or this….


Or this one!!


Seriously, a good photographer should never emphasize on the tummy. A good photographer makes the subject look slender and trim!

Like this…

This is probably one of the only good successful photo of me ever taken.

In fact, I think I take better pictures of myself. Now gimme that camera…..

See? Much better, don’t you think?

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Uh, hey mom….. it’s not what you think. Noooo, I wasn’t trying to do anything naughty…… just sitting here chilling out……

What?! Noooooo…. of course not, I’m not trying to jump on my sister Spring……! It’s not what you think.

I’m just trying to take a nap up here….. What?! Why don’t you believe me. I look sleepy, don’t I?

Fine, I admit it. I was trying to be a cat. Cat-Beagle! You believe me, right?

So, uhhmmm….. got any food?

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Driver of the day

Hi mom, just taking dad out for a ride. Wanna come?

We’ve got enough fuel alright. Let’s go to the beach!

Don’t worry mom, I am a perfectly safe driver. Now just let me see how to start this thing…..

What do you mean I can’t drive your car??

Oh. There’s no key in the ignition. Just give me a minute, I’ll go get it….

Wait, where did dad go???

No wait!!! Where did ALL my backseat passengers go??? I thought we’re all going to the beach!!! Hey come back!!

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A tiring day!

Today my sister Spring and I went to doggie day care. It’s a fun place with a nice big doggie pool and lots of other doggies to play with! I am so worn out after playing and swimming for the whole day. Plus I stole a yummy banana today 😀 Molly’s mom was peeling a banana in front of me and she was busy talking, and before she knew it… I swooped in on the banana and snatched it away swiftly! She didn’t even know until she saw it was gone! By then it was of course already in my tummy. Yums…. I love banana 🙂

Mom brought home this box from the office… It was a gift box from her colleague whose son just turned one month old. It’s a tradition for some Chinese to send out full moon gift boxes when their baby is one month old.


Look what’s inside….oooh I can smell it from across the room, mom!!

So yummy….too bad mom won’t allow me to have any. What a sad day! 😦

Guess what we found in our mailbox when we came home!

A Barking Heads sample! GIMME.

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