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The haze returns!

Bad news on a blue Monday….. the haze is back 😦


Visibility is deteriorating and the air smells bad. Hoping that it rains soon. For now, we’re just trying to stay indoors as much as possible…..

No walks today 😦 But we each got a bone to chew on! I finished mine too soon, so I decided to stalk my sister Spring, hoping she might give up chewing and let me have the rest……

She takes such a looooooooooong time to chew a tiny bone!

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Weekends are too short

Weekends are so fun!!


Monday’s coming…… ohhhh no….

Weekends are too short, don’t you think? It’s so depressing to think about Monday!

On the bright side, my human mom is feeling much better that she took me for a super long walk this evening. And we also found out where Lucky lives when we passed by his house during our walk. He lives in the next street and his owners always let him out to visit his friends (according to his neighbour).

He sure was excited to see us 🙂

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Moody beagle

Ohhh it’s Monday again!!!! We’ve been hit by Monday blues againnnnn……..

I am sitting next to mom again and showing her my emo face every now and then so that she will keep petting me. I tried sitting on her lap but she pushed me aside and called me a heavyweight fat ass!! Come on, mom…. I know I’ve got a super nice ass since all the other dogs love to sniff it so much 🙂

Spring in her antisocial mode. Don’t go near her or she’ll snap like a hungry crocodile even though she just had a big dinner.

To top it up, I met a really fierce Great Dane mix during my walk just now and he was barking ferociously at me as though I had trespassed into his territory. I said to him, “hey mister, just passing by!” but he just keep screaming his head off. My poor floppy ears they almost went deaf from all the hostile woof woof woof! Since I had already used up all of my pee, I decided to poop in front of him instead….. I succeeded in agitating him further and he barked non stop like a broken record. I’m so proud of myself :-). But I wish he has been friendlier instead of being a crazy Mister Cranky Old Dog.

Gonna spend the rest of my boring blue Monday with my kong bone…..


How was your Monday?

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Monday blues

Doggies go through Monday blues too. That’s when our humans go back to work and left us alone at home again 😦

This is how I greet my human mom when she came home from work and asked me how was my day.

I sit under her arm and give her a PMS face so she will pet me and give me hugs.

Sometimes if I’m particularly moody I will sit on her lap, or her foot. But I prefer her lap.

Dinner cheers me up a little. Of course, who doesn’t like food!

Om nom nom nom…..

Except Spring…..she isn’t too keen on food and sometimes goes on hunger strikes just like this morning, that’s why you see her gobbling up her food hungrily like a starving crocodile in this picture.

I’m going to continue showing my PMS face and skulk around moodily so that I get more hugs and kisses……hate Mondays!

Hug me now.

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