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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s day and also the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, which is also coincidentally the Chinese Valentine’s day as well! In Chinese culture, on the 15th day of the Lunar new year, single girls go to the lake to throw oranges with their names and phone numbers written on it….. and single guys on the other side of the lake would wait to pick up the oranges and call the numbers on them. Corny, but believe it or not people still do it nowadays….. at least over here people do it for the fun of it. I doubt any guys will be picking up the oranges floating around in the water but I wouldn’t mind jumping in to grab some of them for dessert!

Chinese Valentine coincides with Valentine’s day every 19 years!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your fur-ever love!

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Happy beagle

I’m back from my wagcation at the pet sitter! Missed my humans so much. In view of the lunar new year, my human decided to give me a “red packet” – small envelope stuffed with money which is often given to small children during the lunar new year. This year, my human decided to give me a choice….. well, she stuffed one packet with a treat, and the other one with money. It was the last treat we had in the whole entire house as we’ve totally run out of treats!

Hmmm….. sorry but we beagles are just bad at financial planning…..

Mmmm….. I can smell the treat….. my stomach is rumbling….. but…… at the same time, I wish I can have more treats too!

Finally, I let my nose decide….. Well, a beagle’s gotta choose what a beagle’s gotta choose!

Since I decided to eat that one last treat we had, there are no more treats left and I have no money to buy more!!! Now I am just a poor penniless little beagle with no treats and no money 😦

Fortunately, my human decided to wake up early in the morning to bake me some healthy homemade treats!

Enjoying the cookie smells from outside the kitchen….. Can I please please please have some?

On guard dog duty….. in case anyone tries to get to the treats before me!

Finally……some peanut butter cookies!

These ugly little things are honey and oat treats! They aren’t very pretty but I love them very much! Crunchy!

I am so hungry but my human says I should not have too much or I will grow fat! Hmm….. fat sounds good 🙂

A beagle doesn’t need lots of money to be happy. All a beagle needs is a full belly, a loving human, and plenty of tender loving care 🙂

Full belly going to sleep now…..zzzz….

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Year of the Wood Horse

The lunar new year begins tomorrow, and so the long holidays have begun for many people. My sister Spring and I are currently vacationing at the pet sitter while my human goes back to her family across the sea. I would love very much to go with her but unfortunately the only way there is by air and there is also the rabies vaccination requirement and 6 month quarantine period! I will just have to miss her for a week!

What do you mean this bag is too small? I can totally fit in here!

We got to stay in the 600 sq ft suite at the pet sitter’s which has a dog house and private garden all to ourselves! And lots of cuddles from our lovely pet sitter too.

Checking out the garden….

Gimme food now!!!

This place has many interesting scents indeed!

Having my butt sniffed by a handsome boy also called Cookie. Cookie the miniature schnauzer. He totally likes me.

Mmmm….. I can smell what you had for dinner last night! Chicken and a hint of bacon treats. Yum…..

We love this place and would totally recommend it to our fur pals in KL/Selangor if your humans ever need to ditch you for a vacation out of town 🙂

The big garden and dog house.

Photos taken by our pet sitter at Bart’s Sanctuary.

This Chinese New Year will be the year of the wood horse. Chinese believe that the 2nd day of the lunar new year is the birthday of all dogs, so on this day humans must take care to be extra kind to pets and feed the strays too (although this should be done on a daily basis and not just once a year!). Dogs are considered auspicious beings who bring good fortune, and some believe that if a stray dog comes into your home, giving it a home will bring u good luck and fortune. So, don’t turn away a stray who comes to your doorstep or you will be turning away good fortune! Now give your lucky dog a big kiss for being such a blessing!

Unfortunately for humans especially those like mine, CNY can be quite an unpleasant time especially when facing nosy relatives. How I wish I could be there to protect them from all the nosy people! I would nip off their nosy toes in a flash! But since I cannot be there, here’s a good survival guide to all you humans who could be in the same soup! How to defend yourself and Why so kaypoh. Just for laughs 😀

I miss my human heaps even though I’m having loads of fun here. There will be heaps of fireworks playing tonight as tonight is the eve and peak of the celebrations. I hate fireworks and firecrackers, they give me quite a fright! Cross my paws and hope my lucky stars will make the sky rain tonight! I’d pee on the fireworks if I had the chance but unfortunately I can’t 😦


Happy Wood Horse Year!

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