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Weekends are too short

Weekends are so fun!!


Monday’s coming…… ohhhh no….

Weekends are too short, don’t you think? It’s so depressing to think about Monday!

On the bright side, my human mom is feeling much better that she took me for a super long walk this evening. And we also found out where Lucky lives when we passed by his house during our walk. He lives in the next street and his owners always let him out to visit his friends (according to his neighbour).

He sure was excited to see us 🙂

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This is Lucky. He followed me back from my morning walk last year, and my human mom fed him, gave him my bones to chew, and let him stay for a while. He didn’t have a collar or tag. Although he was really hungry, but he looked clean and shiny. My humans brought him to the vet, and thank God the vet recognized him as one of his patients and told my humans that his owners ran a pet shop behind the clinic. So they returned him, and his owners were delighted to get him back. Apparently he sneaked out of their house to have some fun. They promised to get a collar and tag for him.

Lucky is roaming the streets again for the past few weeks. He came by a couple of days ago to play and pee all over the place (more like marking his territory). Wait a minute, that’s my territory! I was awfully upset and kept barking at him. I tried to chase him away by jumping at him and trying to smack his face (I learned this from a cat). But my human is so stupid, she actually tried to feed him!!! Stupid humans……. He wasn’t hungry though and he didn’t touch all the kibbles and treats. Mom let him out after he got bored and started barking at the gate.

Last night, Lucky dropped by again and mom let him in again!! This time, she offered him a whole can of expensive wet dog food! What!! Even I don’t get to enjoy such luxury. He gulped everything down in a matter of seconds while I stared at him angrily with my eye of envy. Then he went on to spray pee all over the place again. I tried to smack him but he ignored me, so I climbed up on his backside and humped him! My mom was so angry and said that lady beagles don’t do such things…….really?? Well, I don’t care if I’m a lady or not…..

My humans called the pet shop, but this time they denied that Lucky was their dog. And Lucky still didn’t have a collar and tag. What irresponsible owners he has. He is not neutered and judging by his behavior and sudden appearance after a year, my humans think that there must be a female on heat nearby and he must have sneaked out to have some fun. They say this must be the explanation for my constant humping behavior and territorial marking lately these couple of weeks too. What?! They really are crazy….. I’m a girl! My humans really think that after I got spayed last year, I magically turned into a boy.

Anyway, I don’t like Lucky. But I’m sure he’ll be back again pretty soon. His owners shouldn’t let him run loose like that on the streets. He might get caught by the local council and put to sleep. Worse, he might come everyday and finish all my yummy food! Ohh the horror!

I can’t bear to think about it….

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