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My Kong collection

My humans always thought that Kong toys are the most durable dog toys in the world. Well, not for a beagle! At least, not all of them.

Over the past 2 years I’ve collected (and destroyed) quite a number of Kong toys.

This is my Kong collection 🙂

And my thoughts on which Kong I think is the best…..

No. 10: Puppy teething stick

My first kong ever! As you can see, it’s all chewed up and brittle….. my humans stopped giving me this once I grew my big, sharp teeth 😀

No. 9: Braidz

My monkey braidz….. It took me a few minutes to sever its arm…..

No. 8: Pet stix

Pet stix….. its seams exploded after a few days…..

No. 7: Squiggles

My humans only let me play with it for a limited time only each day…. so it took me a couple of weeks to chew off an ear and tear a large hole in its neck. I love this toy because it stretches and squeaks a lot!

No. 6: Air dog

Its skin is all chewed up and fuzzy. I love tennis balls, so I love this toy too. 🙂

No. 5: Wubba

My wubba…. well, the picture tells a thousand words….. I love the shaking and squeaking and most of all, chewing the tails off…..

No. 4: Wobbler

The wobbler….. full of scratches from my teeth and from dragging it all over the floor. I got the treats out easily by pushing it into a corner, holding it with one paw and using the other paw to twist it open. No challenge at all.

No. 3, 2 & 1! Kong extremes

By far, these are the most durable Kongs I ever had and the only ones I get to lay my paws and teeth on every day. My humans stuff yummy treats in it and the hard rubber ball is the only ball that I haven’t been able to destroy……yet. I’ve been chewing on the Kong extreme and Extreme Goodie Bone for 2 years and they have only suffered minor scratches.

Best of all, I love my Kong ball. I make my humans play with me until they get so sick of throwing the ball or tugging it from my mouth or having to constantly retrieve it from under the sofa because I would deliberately push it underneath for fun and then bark at them.

Play with me!

My sister Spring, being all stuck up and refusing to play with me…. 😦

So my verdict: all the kong toys are super fun to play with, but only the extreme rubber toys can withstand a beagle!

I would love very much to get my
paws on a Kong shakers, but unfortunately it’s a new product which might take months to be available here…… and my humans say I’m a spoilt dog with far too many toys! A dog can never have far too many toys!

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Moody beagle

Ohhh it’s Monday again!!!! We’ve been hit by Monday blues againnnnn……..

I am sitting next to mom again and showing her my emo face every now and then so that she will keep petting me. I tried sitting on her lap but she pushed me aside and called me a heavyweight fat ass!! Come on, mom…. I know I’ve got a super nice ass since all the other dogs love to sniff it so much 🙂

Spring in her antisocial mode. Don’t go near her or she’ll snap like a hungry crocodile even though she just had a big dinner.

To top it up, I met a really fierce Great Dane mix during my walk just now and he was barking ferociously at me as though I had trespassed into his territory. I said to him, “hey mister, just passing by!” but he just keep screaming his head off. My poor floppy ears they almost went deaf from all the hostile woof woof woof! Since I had already used up all of my pee, I decided to poop in front of him instead….. I succeeded in agitating him further and he barked non stop like a broken record. I’m so proud of myself :-). But I wish he has been friendlier instead of being a crazy Mister Cranky Old Dog.

Gonna spend the rest of my boring blue Monday with my kong bone…..


How was your Monday?

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My Kong bone

I love kongs! In fact, kongs are the only toys my humans allow me to play with because I can’t destroy them so easily…. except the fabric types which I managed to rip into pieces. Plus, them humans always stuff the kongs with yummy treats!

There’s a piece of bacon in there….come out come out!

Chewy chewy

I take my kongs very seriously!

You know, this is another one of mom’s trick to keep me off her lap…..

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