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Happy beagle

I’m back from my wagcation at the pet sitter! Missed my humans so much. In view of the lunar new year, my human decided to give me a “red packet” – small envelope stuffed with money which is often given to small children during the lunar new year. This year, my human decided to give me a choice….. well, she stuffed one packet with a treat, and the other one with money. It was the last treat we had in the whole entire house as we’ve totally run out of treats!

Hmmm….. sorry but we beagles are just bad at financial planning…..

Mmmm….. I can smell the treat….. my stomach is rumbling….. but…… at the same time, I wish I can have more treats too!

Finally, I let my nose decide….. Well, a beagle’s gotta choose what a beagle’s gotta choose!

Since I decided to eat that one last treat we had, there are no more treats left and I have no money to buy more!!! Now I am just a poor penniless little beagle with no treats and no money 😦

Fortunately, my human decided to wake up early in the morning to bake me some healthy homemade treats!

Enjoying the cookie smells from outside the kitchen….. Can I please please please have some?

On guard dog duty….. in case anyone tries to get to the treats before me!

Finally……some peanut butter cookies!

These ugly little things are honey and oat treats! They aren’t very pretty but I love them very much! Crunchy!

I am so hungry but my human says I should not have too much or I will grow fat! Hmm….. fat sounds good 🙂

A beagle doesn’t need lots of money to be happy. All a beagle needs is a full belly, a loving human, and plenty of tender loving care 🙂

Full belly going to sleep now…..zzzz….

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Dehydrated beef lung treats

My humans went grocery shopping yesterday and they managed to find raw beef lungs, so they decided to make some dog treats!

Beef lung treats are pretty easy to make and here are some tips from my human. Simply slice up the raw beef lungs into thin slices and pop them in a dehydrator or oven. My human first used the dehydrator which took a long time (about 6-7 hours running at 70’C), and then popped them into the oven to bake for about 10 minutes until they are dry and crisp. Alternatively, you can also just put them in the oven straight away and bake for 1-2 hours at 100’C.

Goodies drying up nicely in the dehydrator…..

My humans also popped in some raw chicken liver and leftover chicken strips to make full use of the multi-tiered dehydrator.

Chicken liver and chicken strip jerky!

Dehydrated beef lungs….smelly but yummy!

Offal is good for us doggies especially liver. Since I’m on a raw diet and my sister Spring is on a homecooked diet, organ meats provide us vitamins and nutrients, plus they taste good too! Of course, we can only eat them in moderation (not exceeding 10% of our overall meal according to rawfeddogs), but if I were to decide I’d wallop them all in 5 minutes 😀

This is me begging for some at the kitchen. As you can see, I am sadly barred from entering the kitchen. Bad humans…..

What’s a poor beagle to do to get a morsel of tasty treats? 😦

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