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Beagle friends

My humans got rid of me during the long labour day weekend so they could have their vacation WITHOUT ME. I was a little upset, but then I totally forgot about them once I was having so much fun at our pet sitter’s.

Did I mention they now have 2 beagles? They decided to keep their foster beagle Joey after she was returned for the 2nd time. The other one is their resident beagle OD.

Can you guess which one am I??

OD is a little moody cos I got ahead of him during treats time!

Meet Joey, 7.5 years old and still looks like a puppy.

Beagle sleepover/party! 🙂

Pictures courtesy of our pet sitter at Bart’s Sanctuary. We love this place!

Back at home, it’s starting to rain everyday and I get freaked out by loud thunders.

Sorry, this spot is taken. Find your own hiding place!

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Labour day

Today is Labour Day holiday for our humans. They left us at home and went out to watch a movie. I was ready to be mad at them when they came back but they know my weakness and bought treats to bribe me and keep my mouth shut!!

My favorite Jerhigh treats imported from Thailand…they bought boxes of these on their trip to Bangkok 2 months ago and now it’s time to replenish the stock.

Something new…..

Oooh I can almost get it!!!

We enjoyed the treats very much and my humans also brought home my favorite McDonalds and let us finish up the fries. Yum yum….. I love holidays like these! Although I wish my humans would stay at home and play with me all day.

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Preparations for our trip!

It’s daddy’s birthday next Sunday and we’ll be celebrating it with a vacation to the beach! It is one of the only pet friendly beach resorts in Malaysia – Ruby’s Resort in Cherating. Her website here: Ruby’s Resort

In preparation for the trip, my humans have planned to pack along many things. Since they are working all week, preparations have to be made this weekend so we won’t forget anything. I’ve been bugging them to bring more treats.

Our food! Since there’s no fridge in the room, my humans can’t bring my raw meals so they bought Canine Caviar kibble which is gentle on my stomach compared to other kibbles.

Wee pads, disinfectant and our monthly spot on which will be applied before we go.

In addition to those, we’ll be bringing along poo bags, newspaper, extra long leashes, kong toys, bowls…..what else? I do hope they remember to pack more food. Mom is very forgetful….

We’ve been there last year and had lotsa fun, except both Spring and I were terrified of the sea (although I love swimming, but I just wouldn’t go into the sea). Daddy says he hopes I would swim in the sea with him this time.

Some pictures of us last year…..

The chalet rooms

Enjoying the beach!

Spring’s favorite hobby – sunbathing

A new friend, JJ. He and his humans were very friendly. Hope to meet them again this year.

Ruby’s pack. They are huge!!

Can’t wait for our trip. The resort is fully booked for next weekend so I hope I’ll be meeting many new friends!!

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