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The haze returns!

Bad news on a blue Monday….. the haze is back 😦


Visibility is deteriorating and the air smells bad. Hoping that it rains soon. For now, we’re just trying to stay indoors as much as possible…..

No walks today 😦 But we each got a bone to chew on! I finished mine too soon, so I decided to stalk my sister Spring, hoping she might give up chewing and let me have the rest……

She takes such a looooooooooong time to chew a tiny bone!

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Goodbye to the Haze

This week started off pretty bad. The haze reached a hazardous level that you could actually see the smoke in front of you and it would make your eyes burn. My humans went out with face masks and even had to use the N95 grade particulate respirator!

What is that? Can I eat it?

My human found something better than a standard respirator. A beagle ear mask!!

It’s soft, filters dust, and most importantly it has the addictive smelly beagle stink 🙂

It started raining late Tuesday evening though, and the rain chased the haze away! We could see clear blue skies on Wednesday, and by Thursday, the air was back to a healthy level. I started to go out and poo more regularly too.

Hey we can go out now and play fetch, right?

Mom, aren’t we going out?? What are you doing still sitting there like that!

My humans decided to feed me green beans because I’ve been constantly hungry and constantly begging for food. They think that green beans are healthy, low calorie and can fill me up. My take? They are yummy but still Not Enough!! I need more!

My current diet. Chicken, yogurt, carrots and some green beans.

I still feel hungry after my meals. Them humans call me the bottomless appetite. Sometimes, Pig. Oh well. A beagle’s gotta be a beagle, and a beagle’s job is to eat eat eat!

I got a bath today and I’m not happy about it. So I got bribed with a nice rawhide bone after sitting quietly through my bath.



After a long day, I like to watch TV…..


But TV sometimes makes me sleepy…..


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Chicken soup for a hungry beagle’s soul

The haze has gotten worse and visibility is much lower today. You can even smell the smoke indoors even though all the windows and doors are closed. People are starting to wear masks when they go outside.

Since we’re all cooped up at home and can’t go out….. I spend most of the time sleeping, looking for treats, and harassing my sister Spring.

My human mom cooked ginger chicken soup for lunch yesterday and I got to have some of it! Although I usually don’t have lunch (I only get 2 meals a day).

I only got to have the soup with veggies in it……meat excluded 😦

I lapped it all up and licked the bowl super clean! Mom only gave me some chicken after my dinner. Spring on the other hand didn’t like the soup. She wouldn’t touch it but when I wanted to help her finish it, she growled at me and won’t let me near her bowl!! Selfish thing…… She later finished it just because she didn’t want me to have it……

I didn’t have enough so I went to the kitchen and kept barking! But them naughty humans just ignored me….. poor hungry me 😦

Fat? What do you mean fat? I don’t see no belly…….

I am le professional beggar! Give me ze foodz nowwww……

I love to make my humans scratch me……

Ooh yes that’s the spot! Ahhh scratch it!!

I wonder what we’re having for dinner tonight………..

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Season of the haze

The weather has been bad lately – thick, smokey haze everywhere. My humans are sick from the haze and I don’t get my daily walks lately to avoid breathing in all the smoke and getting lung cancer.

Picture from themalaysianinsider

This horrible haze is caused by peat fires in Indonesia and worsened by the southwest monsoon season. Plantations in Indonesia clear land by doing open burning, and during the southwest monsoon season the wind direction directs all the smoke up north to neighbouring countries like us.

It’s much worse for our neighbour, Singapore. See this comparison! In a few weeks time we’d probably be in the same soup. Or smoke.

I would stay at home and play fetch indoors…….but I chewed a large hole in my squeaky ball and it was confiscated 😦

So I’ll act cute and adorable instead……

This is how I like to lie on my human’s lap and ask for attention…… Actually, I’m trying to watch TV upside down…..

Playing with the sofa covers……this is so fun. I can hide in here and no one will see me.

Shamelessly asking for belly rubs…. What? You didn’t know? Beagles have no shame… give me more!!! More!!!!

Getting ready for bed……come on, I need my belly rubs now!

I’m telling my naughty human to turn off the lights but she just loves to snap my grumpy, ugly face when I’m so sleepy…..

Turn it off and go to bed please…….do you know what time it is?!

Humans………just can’t let me sleep in peace……..! Someone please pass them a sleeping pill…… anybody!

The haze is so bad I don’t even want to go out to poo! Someone please tell Indonesia to stop burning or we are all gonna choke in this smoke…….

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