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Road trip

Today our humans brought us along on a road trip!! Yahooooo…. we seldom go on road trips or holidays with our humans because holiday destinations here are not so dog friendly. Today our humans decided to take a car ride up north to a small town called Kampar, and they let us come along 🙂

I love car rides!

This is how the journey started out…

I love looking out the window….

But it gets boring after a while….

Spring always looks bored on a road trip. All she does is sleep and yawn!

Are we there yet?

Mom, are we there yet??

After a while, we get hungry. The trip took 2 hours and along the way our humans stopped for food and ate in the car! OMG….where’s my portion?! They did let us out for potty breaks and short walks around the grassy area on our stops, but I still think I should get some snacks….

What are you eating? Gimme some.

Come on, give us some of that McDonald’s fries….!

Eventually, we got some doggy treats….and a few pieces of fries. I was hoping to get a few mouthfuls of their beef burgers though…

When we got home after a day on the road………….



So tired!


Hope our humans bring us for a real holiday soon.

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An evening walk

Today my human mom found that I had an accident at home and had eaten all my poop (again!!) and she was so disgusted at me. Come on mom, beagle poop is really yummy, besides, it smells really interesting 😀

She decided to take me for an evening walk around the neighbourhood since it wasn’t raining today. It was a little hot though but I didn’t mind. So out we went and usually mom would take the back alleys to avoid moving cars but today we saw a group of unknown people sitting in the back alley and to be safe mom decided to take another route instead. So we walked along the rows of houses and I sniffed a lot! There were many dogs behind the gates of some houses but I wasn’t really interested in them. I was more interested in sniffing! Mom thought I was being rude.

Mom wanted to bring along her phone so she could snap some pictures but she was so afraid of being mugged… Haha 🙂 She doesn’t believe I can protect her because she says I’m so small and I’m always busy sniffing the ground!

This is me after my walk. Happy 😀 I was very thirsty after walking and I drank a lot.


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