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Beagle friends

My humans got rid of me during the long labour day weekend so they could have their vacation WITHOUT ME. I was a little upset, but then I totally forgot about them once I was having so much fun at our pet sitter’s.

Did I mention they now have 2 beagles? They decided to keep their foster beagle Joey after she was returned for the 2nd time. The other one is their resident beagle OD.

Can you guess which one am I??

OD is a little moody cos I got ahead of him during treats time!

Meet Joey, 7.5 years old and still looks like a puppy.

Beagle sleepover/party! 🙂

Pictures courtesy of our pet sitter at Bart’s Sanctuary. We love this place!

Back at home, it’s starting to rain everyday and I get freaked out by loud thunders.

Sorry, this spot is taken. Find your own hiding place!

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Kampung Pertak waterfall adventure

Today is a public holiday, so my humans brought us for an adventure out of town!

We went through some highways and some small village roads….

Into the rural village towns…..

And more narrow roads…..

Finally we reached the jungle near the indigenous village in Kampung Pertak.

A short hike in…..

And look! A stream from the waterfall!

Can’t wait to check out this place…..

So many new friends to play with! How exciting!

Ooh the water is COLD!!

What’s this?? A toy? Can I eat it?!

This is so fun!

I think I’m gonna go say Hi to my friends….

Look, it’s my old friend Jack!! He’s 5 years old and his favourite hobby is eating, just like me!

Finally I get some off-leash freedom to explore and steal treats…….

But soon, it’s time to head home… sad. Although I was really hot and tired….

I had so much fun! Kampung Pertak waterfall is located in Kuala Kubu Bharu, about 5 minutes hike into the jungle from the Kampung Pertak village. Hope my humans bring me there again soon!

Totally knocked out after such a tiring adventure……zzzz…..

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Meeting old friends

There was quite a crowd at the dog park today. I met my old friend Kaiser!

Kaiser goes for day care and boarding at the same place I go to.

He is a very friendly but extremely shy and clingy germen shepherd who gets insecure and depressed when he’s away from his human….even though she is just a few meters away!

I love to play with him but he doesn’t care much about me….especially when he’s busy worrying about being away from his human. But isn’t he such a handsome boy? 😀

Doing a bit of sniffing and snooping around before I go play.

Meeting my new friends. Spring is on leash because she still can’t be trusted around other dogs.

The brown tall dog is my old friend too, Molly! And the black and brown girl with the green collar is her sister Monday.

Soon play time’s up and here comes shower time….. I hate shower time! Wish my humans would let me play a little longer…..

Daddy giving me a bath….

I think I’d rather have mud on my belly and paws…..

All that playing and running around makes me so tired…..


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