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Beef for dinner!

I usually have chicken for dinner but tonight’s menu was beef and celery.



Mom made us sit and wait before we can gobble up our yummy food….. come on!! Why do humans love to torture us like that….?!

Hurry up and let us eat already!!

Waiting for it……………

Wait for it……….


Gobble gobble gobble…….

Om nom nom nommm……

As usual, Spring leaves out most of her veggies again but worry not! Cookie the food vacuum cleaner is here to clean up the leftovers and prevent any food wastage! Nyum nyum…..

After dinner, daddy was holding some snacks in his hand……. I couldn’t resist…….

Daddy, give it to me…….


Aaaahhhhh I can’t reach it daddy!!

Finally daddy gave us a nice bacon treat. Not enough, daddy……..

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Monday blues

Doggies go through Monday blues too. That’s when our humans go back to work and left us alone at home again 😦

This is how I greet my human mom when she came home from work and asked me how was my day.

I sit under her arm and give her a PMS face so she will pet me and give me hugs.

Sometimes if I’m particularly moody I will sit on her lap, or her foot. But I prefer her lap.

Dinner cheers me up a little. Of course, who doesn’t like food!

Om nom nom nom…..

Except Spring…..she isn’t too keen on food and sometimes goes on hunger strikes just like this morning, that’s why you see her gobbling up her food hungrily like a starving crocodile in this picture.

I’m going to continue showing my PMS face and skulk around moodily so that I get more hugs and kisses……hate Mondays!

Hug me now.

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Snacking on Easter

The humans went out for dinner today and left us at home. I was upset, but good thing they brought home a snack! Their leftovers from dinner…. a chicken finger and some fries….

Such measly portion, but better than nothing!

Gobble gobble….

Mom was upset because after I finished my snack I went over to Spring’s bowl, pushed her aside and gobbled up her fries in one big gulp. What, I was hungry! And I’m pretty sure Spring never finishes whatever is in her bowl.

We got our dinners afterwards.

After dinner, there was a new toy! A giggling ball!

Pretty creepy sound it makes….

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A tiring day!

Today my sister Spring and I went to doggie day care. It’s a fun place with a nice big doggie pool and lots of other doggies to play with! I am so worn out after playing and swimming for the whole day. Plus I stole a yummy banana today 😀 Molly’s mom was peeling a banana in front of me and she was busy talking, and before she knew it… I swooped in on the banana and snatched it away swiftly! She didn’t even know until she saw it was gone! By then it was of course already in my tummy. Yums…. I love banana 🙂

Mom brought home this box from the office… It was a gift box from her colleague whose son just turned one month old. It’s a tradition for some Chinese to send out full moon gift boxes when their baby is one month old.


Look what’s inside….oooh I can smell it from across the room, mom!!

So yummy….too bad mom won’t allow me to have any. What a sad day! 😦

Guess what we found in our mailbox when we came home!

A Barking Heads sample! GIMME.

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My dinner


This is my dinner: raw chicken mince (mixed with veggies, ground bones, fruits, apple cider vinegar and a whole lotta other stuff) with a side of chopped carrots. The raw chicken mince is pre-packed by my regular doggie day care and sold in frozen packs. Mom always add some side veggies because I tend to constipate and have very hard poo on this diet. Also, she says that veggies are good to fill me up since I have a super huge appetite and these veggies won’t give me extra pounds. My favorite sides are carrots, celery, apples, bananas, green beans….in fact, there hasn’t been any veggies or fruits that I won’t eat! Mom prefers to give me carrots more, she says my poo doesn’t stink when I eat carrots! I don’t really care… most important is that it tastes really good and sweet.

Chicken first! Yum…

As usual, Spring eats in another corner… mom is afraid I would steal her food!

Once in a while I get lucky and mom brings home some durian! Ooh….durians are so heavenly I go crazy over them! But I don’t get a lot, only a small bite… Mom says durians are fattening and I’m already one fat little piggy who needs to lose some weight. 😦

Can you guess what am I doing?

I’m being a naughty dog!

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