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A raw meal in action

Sometimes I get a raw meal for dinner, usually chicken, some veggies and a small bit of yogurt.  Here’s a video of me wolfing down my delicious raw meal.

Om nom nom nom……crunchy!



I think I feel like having a nice big sandwich today…..

Yo human, put that down where I can gobble it!

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My raw diet

We finally restocked our food supply!


This is what I have for my meals everyday. Raw food from Furrenz!

When I was a puppy I used to have severe rashes all over my belly and legs. My fur was dropping a lot too! My humans rotated many different brands of expensive dog food but it didn’t help and most brands gave me bad runny poops even after a few weeks. Our doggie day care center recommended mom to feed us this raw diet. My skin cleared up and I didn’t fall sick so often anymore. This raw diet firms up my poop too and although it still stinks but much less than when I was on kibble.

My sister Spring, however, doesn’t do so well on raw. She hates veggies and refuses to eat them, so most of the time she either constipates or gets diarrhea. Sometimes she would pick at her food and refuse to eat. Nowadays she does very well on Natural Balance sweet potato and fish.

I guess different dogs do differently on different diets!

Mom usually adds heaps of veggies to fill me up without putting on the pounds and so that I won’t constipate. I love them!

What kind of diet do you feed your doggies? Do share with me 🙂

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Dog park day!

My humans decided to take us to the dog park today. We have been absent from the dog park for quite a few weeks already! We met a handsome hyperactive brown husky called Cyrus, but mom forgot to take his picture….maybe next time….

Sniff sniff sniffffffff….

Sniffffff snifffff…..

You can’t really see from here but we were chasing after Cyrus’ tennis ball (his humans had already dragged him to the shower room and let us play with his ball!)



Dropped the ball to investigate a strange scent…..



Chasing the ball again……

Waiting for a treat! Give it to me!!!

Smelly Spring rolling in something nasty……she loves to do that!

She’s soooooo gonna get a bath……

We both ended up in the shower after Cyrus had his!! Got home at about 8pm and hungry like a starved lion!

Had chicken wings for dinner……yum!


Chicken first!

Om nom nom nommmm….

Was so tired after a good run and a yummy dinner……totally knocked out for the rest of the night……yawn….

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Rice for dinner!

Today we ran out of our regular BARF meals, so I had this for dinner…..

Rice mixed with Cesar beef and vegetables canned food


I love rice! I never decline any rice that mom offers me. Even plain rice without anything mixed in it!

Om nom nom nommmm….


Food was gone in less than a minute….

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Beef for dinner!

I usually have chicken for dinner but tonight’s menu was beef and celery.



Mom made us sit and wait before we can gobble up our yummy food….. come on!! Why do humans love to torture us like that….?!

Hurry up and let us eat already!!

Waiting for it……………

Wait for it……….


Gobble gobble gobble…….

Om nom nom nommm……

As usual, Spring leaves out most of her veggies again but worry not! Cookie the food vacuum cleaner is here to clean up the leftovers and prevent any food wastage! Nyum nyum…..

After dinner, daddy was holding some snacks in his hand……. I couldn’t resist…….

Daddy, give it to me…….


Aaaahhhhh I can’t reach it daddy!!

Finally daddy gave us a nice bacon treat. Not enough, daddy……..

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