It’s Friday, I’m in Love

It’s Friday, I’m in Love

He was my first crush. I was all alone in the dark, small room when I came “home” to a foreign place without my brother and sisters. But there he was….in a corner. He stayed there with me throughout my times of loneliness. There were times that my new family had to leave me alone in a strange, foreign place that they call my “new fur-ever home” when they had to go to work, and it made me feel terribly lonely. They weren’t the most experienced dog owners although they do love me. But he…. he was always there with his tender loving eyes. I always felt a flutter of butterflies and a great sense of excitement whenever I see him, because he was my only companion. Being away from my siblings robbed me of the warm necks and furry bodies I used to lay on, but he provided me with the right level of comfort I would ever need to sleep through the night. He had big scary teeth, much like me. And big eyes. But I was never afraid of him. I loved him very, very much that I would take him anywhere, and I would be terribly sad if he was taken away from me. Time passed, and he was never allowed to leave my side because I couldn’t bear being apart from him. He never took a shower because I wouldn’t allow it. I liked the way he smelled, and I never wanted it to change, ever. We had our share of misunderstandings and arguments too. But I always won, because I had sharper teeth. And he never used his big scary teeth on me at all, not even once. I guess he let me win. Sometimes, I got bored and I nibble at him, because that’s just how little puppies play. But he had really delicate skin, and playing sometimes hurt him. I never meant to hurt him, all I wanted was to show him how much he meant to me. I was always faithful to him and I wanted no one else but him alone.

But one day, he was suddenly gone. I woke up, and he was simply gone! I searched everywhere, but I couldn’t find him. Finally, they broke the news to me. They said he’s been suffering from a head injury for weeks and it had been getting more serious each day that he had to be sent to the hospital. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. I was so sad, so angry, so lonely.

My first crush, he made me so happy. And now he is gone.

His name was Domo-dog. I will always remember him.

They tried to fill this empty hole with so many others….. but he is special to me…. None can compare…..

There was…..

Eeyore no.1….



Eeyore no.2….

And even….

My cousin, Bamboo! But….

No one could ever compare to my first crush, my first love….. the one who had the sharpest teeth that don’t bite….

I will always remember him…..

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Beagle vs Human: Who takes better pictures?

Honestly, I think my human is seriously bad at taking photographs. She is so bad at it that almost every single picture I’m in makes me look FAT. In reality, I’m not really that fat. It’s the bad photography skills that makes me look like I am.

Pictures like this….


Or this….


Or this one!!


Seriously, a good photographer should never emphasize on the tummy. A good photographer makes the subject look slender and trim!

Like this…

This is probably one of the only good successful photo of me ever taken.

In fact, I think I take better pictures of myself. Now gimme that camera…..

See? Much better, don’t you think?

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I can see you!

I can see youuuuuu……..

What have you got there, mummy? Can I eat it?

What do you mean there are 2 people kissing behind me?

Aha!! Don’t try to change the topic. I see what you got there….. A leash?! But I don’t wanna go out…..

It’s hot outside. Can I skip the walk? What do you mean I need to exercise to lose weight? I’m not that fat.

Oh look, it’s gonna rain soon, mummy. Let’s just stay inside. We can walk indoors.

Here let me get your slippers for you so you can start walking indoors.

What? I’m just getting your slippers for you. You said you wanted to walk….. Gee….

Hey, I know who wants to go for a walk. Spring!

What do you mean she’s sleeping. She’s just pretending. Oh what do you know.

And stop taking silly pictures of me.

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Beautiful Saturday

The sky is blue, the sun is bright and hot, and the air is fresh and clean!

We decided to do a little bit of sunbathing.

Fingers and paws crossed that the haze does not return and we’ll get to keep this nice clean weather! So far it’s been 4 good days of clean air.

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Season of the haze

The weather has been bad lately – thick, smokey haze everywhere. My humans are sick from the haze and I don’t get my daily walks lately to avoid breathing in all the smoke and getting lung cancer.

Picture from themalaysianinsider

This horrible haze is caused by peat fires in Indonesia and worsened by the southwest monsoon season. Plantations in Indonesia clear land by doing open burning, and during the southwest monsoon season the wind direction directs all the smoke up north to neighbouring countries like us.

It’s much worse for our neighbour, Singapore. See this comparison! In a few weeks time we’d probably be in the same soup. Or smoke.

I would stay at home and play fetch indoors…….but I chewed a large hole in my squeaky ball and it was confiscated 😦

So I’ll act cute and adorable instead……

This is how I like to lie on my human’s lap and ask for attention…… Actually, I’m trying to watch TV upside down…..

Playing with the sofa covers……this is so fun. I can hide in here and no one will see me.

Shamelessly asking for belly rubs…. What? You didn’t know? Beagles have no shame…..now give me more!!! More!!!!

Getting ready for bed……come on, I need my belly rubs now!

I’m telling my naughty human to turn off the lights but she just loves to snap my grumpy, ugly face when I’m so sleepy…..

Turn it off and go to bed please…….do you know what time it is?!

Humans………just can’t let me sleep in peace……..! Someone please pass them a sleeping pill…… anybody!

The haze is so bad I don’t even want to go out to poo! Someone please tell Indonesia to stop burning or we are all gonna choke in this smoke…….

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