String of unfortunate events and… cat watching!

Haven’t had the chance to brag about my perfectly lazy life of a pampered pooch lately, no thanks to my human who has been busy, no actually quite lazy. It’s high time someone else in this house got the “lazy fat ass” title instead of me!

Who’s the lazy fat ass now!

A lot has happened in the past one month. Forgive my human for her laziness as she has had quite a rough month, finally quitting her job and looking for a new one. Well, as long as it puts food in my bowl, I am totally fine with it. Our house got struck bad by lightning during a bad storm one day, and it burnt our TV (oh no, there goes my favourite 2 Broke Girls show and the cupcake monster Sophie), the decoder, alarm system and a couple of other electrical damages. Worst of all my human had to dig into our treats fund to pay for all the overpriced repairs so no treats for a month! Ohhh this is how it feels to be a poor man’s dog……or in this case…. a poor woman’s dog! And then there is the water crisis due to the recent drought and dams drying up. We now survive on a tight water supply rationing schedule where the water supply is cut off every 2 days for 55 hours. So my humans would be very cross with me if I were to roll in poop (or dead animals) on days when we have no direct water supply. What better way to put them on their toes 🙂

The feud between me and the cats next door has escalated into full fledged war ever since the day mother cat decided to take a swipe at me for charging at her kittens. In my defense, they were lounging under MY tree, my territory. Since then I have been on cat watch duty every night, or whenever I can.

Cat watching from the window

You can’t shut the door on me! I have “eyes” on my nose!

On cat watch duty…..bring some treats would you?

Hey, I can see them man….. I can totally see them…..

So there will be a Pet Fiesta event this weekend and I’m really looking forward to go! There will be a large Hawaiian themed outdoor park for dogs, events, competitions, photo booths and all sorts of shows and exhibitions! I’m hoping to win some dog food eating competition….. if there is such competition! My humans are more interested to meet the Tibetan Mastiff who was specially flown in from China. There will be dog breed club gatherings too like husky clubs, chow chow club, american bullies club, etc. Unfortunately, there is no beagle club! I wonder why.


It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a pet event! I really do hope my humans take me there this weekend. 🙂 It would be fun!

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Hotter days

The weather has been really hot and dry lately with no rain at all! I enjoy my morning walks, but evening walks can be a pain nowadays. The roads are scorching hot even until late in the evening. My paws are all dry, cracked and coarse 😦

Dried leaves scattered all over the sidewalks and roads….. They are pretty fun to trample on!

I am currently transitioning from Canine Caviar Special Needs Dinner to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. My humans have been putting me on a very strict diet and going all stingy with the treats. Sometimes they have their mouth watering breakfast in front of me without even offering me a small tiny bite. So I do my best to extort what I can.

Stop right there and hand me the bacon!

Unfortunately, my humans are dead serious about the diet this time 😦

It’s okay. My human grandfather still gives in to my demands whenever I act all cute and lovey dovey.

What an easy target.

The hot weather also makes me very tired and lazy.

This is how I love to spend my afternoons. With the air-conditioning on.

Hope it rains pretty soon or my humans are gonna make me do a silly little rain dance!

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Happy beagle

I’m back from my wagcation at the pet sitter! Missed my humans so much. In view of the lunar new year, my human decided to give me a “red packet” – small envelope stuffed with money which is often given to small children during the lunar new year. This year, my human decided to give me a choice….. well, she stuffed one packet with a treat, and the other one with money. It was the last treat we had in the whole entire house as we’ve totally run out of treats!

Hmmm….. sorry but we beagles are just bad at financial planning…..

Mmmm….. I can smell the treat….. my stomach is rumbling….. but…… at the same time, I wish I can have more treats too!

Finally, I let my nose decide….. Well, a beagle’s gotta choose what a beagle’s gotta choose!

Since I decided to eat that one last treat we had, there are no more treats left and I have no money to buy more!!! Now I am just a poor penniless little beagle with no treats and no money 😦

Fortunately, my human decided to wake up early in the morning to bake me some healthy homemade treats!

Enjoying the cookie smells from outside the kitchen….. Can I please please please have some?

On guard dog duty….. in case anyone tries to get to the treats before me!

Finally……some peanut butter cookies!

These ugly little things are honey and oat treats! They aren’t very pretty but I love them very much! Crunchy!

I am so hungry but my human says I should not have too much or I will grow fat! Hmm….. fat sounds good 🙂

A beagle doesn’t need lots of money to be happy. All a beagle needs is a full belly, a loving human, and plenty of tender loving care 🙂

Full belly going to sleep now…..zzzz….

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My new bed

My humans bought me a new bed! It’s actually a cushion that my humans got for a bargain at a home furniture sale and is 1/3 the price of a doggie bed sold in pet shops!



My humans put my old blanket over it to make it more comfortable and to prevent my saliva from drooling all over it…..



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Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 to all my friends!


I was back from my vacation last weekend, and I miss that place! Here are some pictures taken by my pet sitter…..




Our pet sitter was a very lovely lady too and we hope to have our next vacation there soon 🙂

In this new year, we also got new license tags. Yup, in this part of the world, our humans need to get a license to keep dogs! Funny, if you ask me. Why don’t cats need a license?!

Our new license tags which needs to be displayed on our collars whenever we are outside or in public.

New year’s eve was pretty quiet this time around. I was fast asleep before the new year arrived! And I didn’t get any special meals. How disappointing considering I didn’t even get a special meal for Christmas. 😦

More treats please?

How did you celebrate the new year?

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