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G-Pet’s new dog park

Hi guys! It’s me the smelly beagle again after another long break from my blogging career. Boy, it sure is difficult to type on human keyboards with my big fat paws!

There’s a new dog park in town and we were there a couple of weeks back for the soft opening!  Entrance is free for now, but heard that they’re charging an entrance fee soon.

Free entry!! Picture credits to

The dog park is part of the pet hotel and dog training facility by My humans brought me and my sister Spring there for a short run.


Help, mommy……there’s a pervert poodle sniffing my backside


You see my friend, Hiro in the corner….. he didn’t help me out when the pervert poodle was harassing me!


Help, mommy! Stop taking pictures, I think he likes me….


Finally some peace to sniff around after being constantly molested by 4 male poodles….


It sure looks big! But not as big as the Pets Pavillion dog park we used to go to….


Let me leave some pee-mail here!


Yea, keep up, sister!


Hey, newcomer alert! Let’s go say hello! And do a bit of sniffing…..


Can you spot me?


Oh yeah, I got someone to give me a back massage 🙂


Hurray to a new dog park in town!  I hope my humans continue to bring me there to meet new friends.  Although I didn’t quite like the bunch of boy poodles who shamelessly ganged up to kiss me!!  Ugh, boys!!

The facility also houses cageless pet boarding rooms and a dog training ground.  Didn’t manage to get a tour around the place though.  Maybe next time!

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Meeting old friends

There was quite a crowd at the dog park today. I met my old friend Kaiser!

Kaiser goes for day care and boarding at the same place I go to.

He is a very friendly but extremely shy and clingy germen shepherd who gets insecure and depressed when he’s away from his human….even though she is just a few meters away!

I love to play with him but he doesn’t care much about me….especially when he’s busy worrying about being away from his human. But isn’t he such a handsome boy? 😀

Doing a bit of sniffing and snooping around before I go play.

Meeting my new friends. Spring is on leash because she still can’t be trusted around other dogs.

The brown tall dog is my old friend too, Molly! And the black and brown girl with the green collar is her sister Monday.

Soon play time’s up and here comes shower time….. I hate shower time! Wish my humans would let me play a little longer…..

Daddy giving me a bath….

I think I’d rather have mud on my belly and paws…..

All that playing and running around makes me so tired…..


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Picking up a scent

I’m picking up a scent…. I wonder what it is….

Do you think it’s here? Something in the sand?

Oh wait, I think I caught a whiff of something nasty!

It must be this direction……to the right….

No wait, to the left…..

Stop!! Right here!!

I’m going in!!

Getting closer…… Hey, wait a minute!!

Alright, nothing to see here, folks. Just a dead frog…..

Party’s over….. what a disappointment….

Enough with tracking dead frogs, I decided to unleash my inner artist instead…..

I hope you like my paw painting 🙂

Drying off after our shower….

What?! Going home already?? But I haven’t had enough fun yet! 😦

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Lazy thief

I got my long claws trimmed and paw pad fur shaved at the vet’s groomer last weekend…….they call it a pawdicure!! Sounds classy but I didn’t quite like it…. but I stood perfectly still on the groomer’s table!

They are not much shorter but at least I don’t make that click clack noise on the marble floor anymore….

Spring on the other hand made quite a scene by jumping off the groomer’s table, trying to escape and struggling non stop. She even screamed like a burning vampire when her nails got clipped. My humans were a little embarrassed by her crazy behavior. She didn’t seem to enjoy her pawdicure at all….. lol

We went to the park afterwards and had lots of fun running around and sniffing………….until crazy Spring decided to attack a smaller dog. She has always been jumpy around other dogs but she has never attacked them before unless they come and irritate her first. Recently at day care, she also attacked a puppy (first timer at day care) while he was just minding his own business. My humans thought that by going to day care it might help her in socializing (she came from a very unsocialized background), but it seems that she has taken her aggression up another level. I, too, have suffered quite a few cuts and scratches from her teeth. But I don’t care cause my skin is so thick, heh heh heh 🙂 To my dear experienced readers, my humans would surely appreciate any suggestions or ideas you might have 😀

I got a raw egg for dinner. A rare treat! Spring gets them almost every day but my humans think it’s too fattening for an already fat beagle 😦 Fat? Isn’t that good? Fat is cute!!

My yummy egg

You would have thought chicken first…..but nope! Egg first!! Let’s get fat!

It’s just crazy me rolling around…..

Proof for you that my daily treat intake isn’t sufficient…….. I need more treats!!!

Yes yes… I am that cunning little thief who steals from your table at night….

Zzzzzzzz………..dreaming of getting fat………and plotting how to steal more of my human’s food in my dreams…….

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Weekend at the dog park

Yesterday we spent the evening at the dog park. There was no one else there when we arrived so we had the whole park to ourselves! Later on when we were showering, a senior citizen shih tzu called Wish came to play with us….too bad my humans didn’t take his photo as they were too busy chatting with his humans….

Enjoying my poop time……hey can I have some privacy please….

Somewhere over the rainbow…..

It is customary to take a dip when you come to this park…..the water is heavenly in this hot scorching weather!

Shake it!!!

Dipping myself in the drinking pool before taking a sip…..

Spring taking a dip in the “baby pool”…

Contemplating whether to take another jump into the lake again or not…….

Too bad there weren’t many friends around to play with this weekend……oh well. But we sure had fun 🙂

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