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Justice for Brianna

I want to dedicate today’s post to Brianna, an old, sick and partially blind rottweiler who was shot with arrows by a heartless man.

Brianna was lost and blind and hungry, and was standing outside someone’s gate, probably looking for food. The man came out and shot her with 2 arrows attempting to kill her before another guy saved her.

He claimed that he was merely protecting his children, but the neighbours said that the dog never entered his house and his children were provoking the dog in the first place. She never moved a limb even when shot with arrows because she was blind and couldn’t see.

Protecting your children from an old, blind and helpless dog outside your gate who didn’t do a thing to hurt you by shooting arrows at it and intending to kill it? Really? Some humans can be so unbelievable. Unfortunately, Brianna didn’t make it as she had severe anaemia and tick fever and the trauma of being shot at further aggravated her condition.

Please see this video of that man’s actions after shooting the dog. He was all smug and was even trying to be intimidating towards the person who recorded it: video link

As of today, no action has been taken against this man yet and the police themselves doubt that he will be charged in court. Unfortunately for us, animal abuse laws here often lets the perpetrator go with just a slap on the wrist.

I would deeply appreciate it if you could spare me a few minutes to sign this petition to bring justice for Brianna:

Please also help us to share this link and spread the word. Thank you so much and I will owe you many many beagle kisses! Xoxo

Brianna, after being shot at with 2 arrows.

Pictures courtesy of MDDB.

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A day for the dogs

My humans went to Cherishlife Home’s fundraising event today (without me, sob sob….) called A Day For The Dogs. Cherishlife Home is a privately funded no-kill shelter for furry kids.

Cherishlife Home is located in a farm land in Hulu Langat, Selangor. There are about 150 dogs and cats living in this shelter.

Part of the shelter

Some of the dogs in the shelter. Some have been badly abused and those unsuitable to be rehomed are given a forever home here in Cherishlife after being rescued.

Some are friendly and up for adoption.

Look, it’s Soda the pitbull! She is still waiting for her forever home. She’s a volunteer at the fundraising event but from the picture it looks like she’s been volunteering to eat most of the time!

My humans won a t-shirt from the lucky draw.

The back of the t-shirt.

I was upset that I didn’t get to go and had to stay at home, and worse still my humans came home smelling like a hundred different dogs! But what’s this….. they brought home many new treats for me!!

The cookies were leftovers from feeding the shelter dogs who have been given way too many treats and couldn’t eat anymore. The dehydrated lung treats were a given to me by the boss of Furrenz where I often go for vacations. Love them so much!

It’s ok, you humans can leave me alone at home for as often as you want, as long as you bring me lots and lots of treats when you come home!

If you live in Malaysia, do consider making a contribution, adopting or sponsoring a furry kid from Cherishlife Home. The doggies here come from very sad backgrounds, either being abandoned or abused. Please give them a second chance. Adoption saves lives.

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Sad story

Pitbulls are a rare breed in Malaysia. In fact, it is actually banned here, but there are people who actually have them and even breed them for sale (secretly, of course!).

We were boarded for a night at our usual daycare and boarding house last night and mom came to pick us up this evening. She was surprised to see a small rescued pitbull inside the house. The pitbull looks about 4-5 months old, but we got a shock when we were told that she is actually 3 years old! Her previous owners abused and neglected her until she was only skin and bones and severely underdeveloped. She is much smaller than me! It’s crazy how her previous owners can be so cruel to abuse and starve a poor dog like that. And surprisingly, despite being in a cage all her life, she is actually very docile and sweet. She followed mom around, licked her hands and kept staring at mom with her big pitiful blue eyes….. I know she was telling mom with her sad eyes “please please take me home, please be my mom”…..

Mom said she wished she could adopt her but she’s sad because we have no space and no money for another sibling. Nevertheless, I’m sure that the little pitbull can find a good owner who can provide her with love and care. After all, it is definitely easier for a rare breed pedigree to be adopted out in no time.

Mom is just disappointed that she cannot get a Fluffy as my sibling. I, on the other hand, did not show much interest in the pitbull……maybe we will play together next time, if she’s still gonna be around…..

I came home dead tired. Bath was compulsory due to the rotten smell I had on my body and pieces of green stuff lodged in my fur. I was upset because the lady who runs the boarding house told mom that I already had my dinner, hence no more dinner at home! How atrocious! This is beagle cruelty! I need a lawyer. I don’t care if I had dinner outside already, but I expect dinner to be served when I come home.

Eventually I had some carrots and green beans. Oh well, at least it was something. Some is always better than NONE.

In dreamland….what? You think it’s obscene? No, it isn’t……

Seriously knocked out….zzzz….

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Another example of cruelty

This post was shared from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page. Picture may be disturbing.


Link to the original post here

Some local councils have been employing cruel methods to get rid of the stray dog population especially in the city area. Most include beating, poisoning, shooting, etc. There are also cases where neighbours or strangers simply poison, beat or stab somebody’s pet dog.

In this world, not everyone is tolerant towards dogs, and some may take things to the extreme. Until the entire human race learns to respect and treat animals humanely, dogs continue to suffer abuse in silence and without the voice to speak. Sad, indeed.

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Euthanizing retired service dogs

Tonight i would like to share a true story that happened in Malaysia that broke the hearts of all dogs and dog lovers in this country. This story is about 8 sniffer and detection dogs from the Fire and Rescue Department in Malaysia who were euthanized because they were retired and could no longer be of service. It was a sad day for all dogs as these healthy retired K9 unit dogs were put down simply because the government did not want to incur any cost of maintaining these poor old fellas. The saddest thing was that the chairman of the Canine Advisory Team who is also a disabled person using therapy dogs actually advocates euthanasia on these dogs who had risked their lives and suffered injury from serving the country. Their service had simply gone unappreciated and once they can no longer be of service, they are put down.

In Malaysia, dogs are usually discriminated against and many local councils implement laws and regulations to discourage people from owning dogs (e.g. Licensing requirements, neighbor consent, etc). It is a whole bigger story on why this is happening so i will tell it another day. Dog abuse and inhumane methods employed by dog catching companies are also rampant in most states. Sometimes, even licensed dogs are dognapped from their homes and killed by dog catchers in order to claim the bounty offered by local councils. Local councils do not believe in TNRM methods, instead they pay private dog catchers to eradicate stray dogs. It is a sad state.

Please take some time to read this newspaper article about the K9 unit dogs that were euthanized.

This is how canine heroes are treated

“What happened reflects on how dogs are viewed here.”

Many people and even a local Dr. Dog organization would be more than happy to adopt these retired dogs, however government agencies just can’t wait to put them down once they are no longer able to serve.

Photo courtesy of Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of MDDB Facebook page.

What do you think? Is euthanasia the right solution for these retired service dogs?

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