I was born as a female tri-coloured beagle on 11th October 2011 to a litter of 4 puppies. Although I am not a direct champion offspring, but I do have bloodlines from Australian, Philippines and Malaysian grand champions, and am MKA registered by the name Glowraiser Sonny.


I went home to my human family on 27th November 2011 and was given the name Cookie!


I love my human mama so much that I always try to sit on her lap….


But when I got too heavy and she started complaining, I resorted to pushing her off the couch so I can have a nice spot all to myself.

Go away humans, this is my spot.

My special spot on the couch is called Cookie’s seat (much like Sheldon’s seat in BBT). If anyone tried to sit in it, I would scratch and dig at that person until he/she moves away.

I used to hate water when I was little, but grew up to love swimming and water (i love to chase water that comes out from the garden hose!). I love going to the dog park and fetching balls from the muddy lake!


I have a love-hate relationship with cats. Although I don’t live with one, but there are plenty in the neighbourhood who love to walk by the gate and provoke my hot bloodedness. I cannot decide if I want to play with them, or if I just want to chase and hunt them down, and rip them apart like stuffed toys. One thing for sure, I do love barking at them.

As most beagles usually are, I am an extreme food enthusiast! I also love eating my own poop and will most of the time display some level of interest in the poops of others as well. In this blog i will be jotting down all my food exploits and naughty misadventures.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your blog and thanks for visiting mine!

  2. I adore your Cookie. We lost our Beagle a few years ago. I still miss her beautiful personality. Cookie is such a wonderful girl can’t wait for your next post. Thanks for sharing her!!

  3. Thanks for your like of Boots’ picture on my blog. We adopted him from a shelter about 3 years ago.. he’s 11 now. Like Cookie he loves smelly things, sniffing, and EATING, just can’t get him near or even in the water.

    I’ll have to nose around and see more of your blog… great job!

  4. A beagle themed blog? Me following a blog has never been such an easy decision!
    Love those cute and lovely pictures of Cookie and the way you write!
    I would very much love to get my own beagle, but I don’t have the necessary space at the time…
    Keep up the great work!

    • Aww thank you, Charlie! Wish my humans can take pretty pictures like you do 🙂 Well we beagles don’t really need much space (we can do with hogging just your bed). We just need plenty of treats (the more the better), long walks, a game of fetch……and cuddles!

  5. Haha thanks 😀
    I can provide cuddles, long walks and treats 😉 Altough I am not sure whether I should trust the advice of very hungry beagle 😉
    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

  6. Love You Dear Cookie!!!!

  7. Oh my gosh!This is like the best blog I have ever been to on wordpress.com and I absolutely love how you write.Amazing this is.I.Love.This.

  8. Cookie is just adorable! Lovely blog.

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