Trick or treat!

Hello!! Sorry for the long absence, my human has been very, very lazy! Hope you guys didn’t miss me too much :)

Happy Halloween! We don’t celebrate Halloween here, but I would definitely love to go trick-or-treating. I tried trolling for treats but it didn’t work….

Hohoho….guess who!

Just me trolling around :)

I didn’t get any Halloween treats so I decided to go treasure-hunting for them instead….

Hellooooo…? Any treats in here??

I didn’t find any so I tried to bug my humans….but……

Daddy, stop ignoring me!

Them humans have become so sneaky with the treats, they think I don’t know that they’ve been secretly making them smaller and handing them out less frequent! Oooh how sneaky indeed…..

They’ve also been carefully weighing my meals making sure I don’t get any extra!


My tiny piece of chicken thigh which is barely enough to satisfy my freakishly monstrous hunger…..

It’s a tough job to be a beagle battling with weight issues…. although I don’t quite see what the issue is…..

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6 thoughts on “Trick or treat!

  1. I don’t see how your humans could possibly resist that adorable face and withhold treats! :) Maybe you need to learn some new “tricks” to get more “treats”?

  2. you look like you’re in great shape! my shape depends on my supplementary feeding…

  3. Your a beagle your nose was made for sniffing out treats trust you instinct. As for mom and dad they are just looking out for your girlish figure.

    Aroo to you,

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