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The month of November

Hello! I must have been missing from the world of wordpress for like forever! No thanks to my busy busy human.

The month of November and the year end brings us lots of rain and cloudy days. The humans call it the Monsoon Season. To me it’s more like “Days Not To Take A Dump Outside”. Seriously, why would anyone want to take a dump in the pouring rain. But I do love taking walks after the rain stops because it means I get to splash in the muddy puddles and get wet dirt all over my fur. Unfortunately, due to frequent evening thunderstorms, I have to miss my walks and lie around growing fat.


My humans also decided to put me back on a kibble diet because they think I am swallowing my meats without chewing. So I am back on my Canine Caviar Special Needs Dinner.

Canine Caviar Special Needs Dinner.

This 27lbs bag should be able to last me and my sister about 1.5 – 2 months. They say it’s good for weight management, but what do I care. The important thing is that they feed me.

My nights have also become couch potato nights and one of my favourite TV shows is 2 Broke Girls, because one night I caught Sophie eating a cupcake which made me really hungry so I barked at her!

I was telling her, “Give me the cupcake!” But she didn’t even look at me.


When will we have sunny days again?

Oh and I almost forgot, about this time around 2 years ago, my humans brought me home to be part of their family! I love them very much and I hope that they will never ever leave me. And always have a never-ending supply of treats for me. 🙂

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Dehydrated beef lung treats

My humans went grocery shopping yesterday and they managed to find raw beef lungs, so they decided to make some dog treats!

Beef lung treats are pretty easy to make and here are some tips from my human. Simply slice up the raw beef lungs into thin slices and pop them in a dehydrator or oven. My human first used the dehydrator which took a long time (about 6-7 hours running at 70’C), and then popped them into the oven to bake for about 10 minutes until they are dry and crisp. Alternatively, you can also just put them in the oven straight away and bake for 1-2 hours at 100’C.

Goodies drying up nicely in the dehydrator…..

My humans also popped in some raw chicken liver and leftover chicken strips to make full use of the multi-tiered dehydrator.

Chicken liver and chicken strip jerky!

Dehydrated beef lungs….smelly but yummy!

Offal is good for us doggies especially liver. Since I’m on a raw diet and my sister Spring is on a homecooked diet, organ meats provide us vitamins and nutrients, plus they taste good too! Of course, we can only eat them in moderation (not exceeding 10% of our overall meal according to rawfeddogs), but if I were to decide I’d wallop them all in 5 minutes 😀

This is me begging for some at the kitchen. As you can see, I am sadly barred from entering the kitchen. Bad humans…..

What’s a poor beagle to do to get a morsel of tasty treats? 😦

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Trick or treat!

Hello!! Sorry for the long absence, my human has been very, very lazy! Hope you guys didn’t miss me too much 🙂

Happy Halloween! We don’t celebrate Halloween here, but I would definitely love to go trick-or-treating. I tried trolling for treats but it didn’t work….

Hohoho….guess who!

Just me trolling around 🙂

I didn’t get any Halloween treats so I decided to go treasure-hunting for them instead….

Hellooooo…? Any treats in here??

I didn’t find any so I tried to bug my humans….but……

Daddy, stop ignoring me!

Them humans have become so sneaky with the treats, they think I don’t know that they’ve been secretly making them smaller and handing them out less frequent! Oooh how sneaky indeed…..

They’ve also been carefully weighing my meals making sure I don’t get any extra!


My tiny piece of chicken thigh which is barely enough to satisfy my freakishly monstrous hunger…..

It’s a tough job to be a beagle battling with weight issues…. although I don’t quite see what the issue is…..

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