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I am 2!

Thank you to all my friends for all the birthday wishes! I sure had a great time. My human really did cook me steak as promised!

Yum yum! I loved it so much 😀

Waiting patiently to wolf down my lovely steak dinner….

Om nom nom nom…..

My sister Spring also has her share, but as usual she eats really slow like an old lady without teeth…..

This is me harassing her and hoping to get some from her bowl….. *evil*

My human grandparents were also here to celebrate since my human’s birthday is just 2 days after mine! (Coincidence? LOL)

They brought me many many goodies from Bangkok!

A whole luggage bag full of my favourite Jerhigh treats and Dentastix!!!! Oh so yummy!

Unfortunately, most of the treats you see up there belongs to their own dog, and I only get to have a fraction of it……

Well better than none! I can’t wait to rip open all of it!

I’ll start with this….

Om nom nom nom….. Errrr I think I need help to get the treats out!

Overall I had a fun time eating and spending time with my humans. Other than steak, I also had special meals for a few days 🙂 But I sure miss my human grandparents after they have gone home. They are always generous with the treats. I hope they come and visit again soon! And bring me more treats!

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Happy Birthday

This is Cookie’s mommy taking over today and I would like to wish my dearest fur pal a Happy 2nd Birthday!! 2 years of fur, shredded toys, missing food, shredded rugs, holes everywhere, joy and pain! You’ve cut down on your poop eating habit but you still act like you have ADHD and a bottomless appetite. Thanks for the wonderful 2 years together and cheers for many many more years to come!

I wanted to take a nicer picture but you were busy stuffing your face with your birthday breakfast. Sorry I didn’t cook you a big yummy steak today but I promise I will definitely cook it tomorrow.

Happy birthday, my love!

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Daily Prompt: Eye of the Beholder

Today’s daily prompt: Eye of the Beholder

I may make silly faces all the time, snore in my sleep, pass loud offensive farts, eat like a pig, and carry a huge amount of excess fat around me….. but…..

In the eyes of my human friendbeast, I am still a stunning beauty 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

This week’s weekly photo challenge…..

Good morning!

Now go away and let me sleep while you prepare my breakfast.

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