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My new toy!

Peppermint flavoured rope toy!

Wanna play?

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Doggy muffins and treats!

Today my humans went to Ikea without me. Sad….. I always wanted to go to the Pet Safari pet store near Ikea but they never wanted to bring me because no pets allowed outside of the pet store which means they can’t go to Ikea!

But what’s this….. my humans told me that a bakery just opened in Pet Safari! A pet bakery! With dog versions of muffins, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, birthday cakes and more! This is what they brought home for me and my sister…..yippeeee….

Cranberry muffin and pumpkin muffin from Blink Pets Bakery.

So yummy! I got to eat the cranberry muffin and Spring got the pumpkin flavoured one.

A few seconds before it was gone…..

We had to sit and wait before given the OK to eat……..what a torture!!

I wolfed it down in a single gulp and went looking for more……. Looks like Spring hasn’t finished hers and I might be able to steal a crumb….

What?! No more??!!

Ah, but what’s this………. My humans bought us Fish4Dogs treats!!

Yum yum yum…..

There’s more??!

An edible rawhide baseball!!!

I love it when my humans go to the pet store and bring home heaps of goodies….. on the other hand, I bet they are feeling really, really guilty for not taking me out for walks these couple of days. It’s been raining and there are mud puddles everywhere!!

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My new tent

My human bought me a tent!

It’s actually for little kids but hey I fit just fine in here!

Recently I’ve been sleeping in my human’s room instead of my crate and my human thinks I should have a small personal space of my own on the floor instead of the bed. So I get a corner of the room to set up my tent 🙂

Cozy, don’t you think?


Nah….I still prefer the bed!

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Underwear thief caught sleeping in the victim’s bed

Newsflash! A four legged suspect was recently caught by the human authorities for brazenly committing the perverse act of stealing undergarments belonging to a human victim and sniffing it. The panty sniffer was also found guilty of chewing bras and running off with them in broad daylight.

Photo of the suspect who was charged with daylight robbery and multiple other offenses.

Who would have imagined that this canine pervert was actually found snoozing away contentedly on the victim’s bed.

The verdict? Guilty as charged!

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Busy beagle

My human caught me red handed reading her emails…..

Too many emails!

What? You got treats for me?

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