Pet World Malaysia 2013

My humans went to this pet expo today but they didn’t bring me along 😦 It was held in a shopping mall and not very pet-friendly (despite being a pet expo). They had rules like no pets allowed inside the mall out of the exhibition center, dog entrance only via loading bay (which is quite inconvenient to go through), no dogs allowed on the carpet area, etc etc. It was so much easier to bring a small dog around in a bag but too bad I’m much too huge for a cute little bag, plus I am far too hyperactive to be carried around (not to mention heavy too, hee hee hee!!)

Well, at least they brought back heaps of goodies!!

Most importantly, TREATS!!!

I got a new kong ball too…..since I chewed a hole in my brand new squeaky ball last week, my humans decided that I can have no other toys except the black kongs.

Trying to tear my new ball apart…..

My humans also wanted to share this adorable photo of a handsome Saint Bernard they met at the expo. His tongue is so long!!!! We actually met him at another expo at the park last year and he is still the same ol huge and drooling giant.

Isn’t he handsome?

The haze is getting so bad, pharmacies are sold out of masks.

What is that? Can I eat it??

As for me, I don’t need a mask……and I’m always happily sniffing the air outside. Although I do start making choking sounds afterwards…….

I may not have a long tongue like a Saint Bernard, but I do have a very cute tongue too!! πŸ™‚

This is the next dog event that I hope to attend:

At least this event is 100% dog friendly, held outdoors and full of fun activities (and treats) for all sorts of doggies. It is organized every year by the veterinary faculty of a local university here.

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10 thoughts on “Pet World Malaysia 2013

  1. Hope you have fun at the Dogathon Cookie!

  2. That was one long tongue!

  3. Cool goodies!!!

  4. sarahcolliver

    Cookie is gorgeous! Such a character! Have you seen the furry animals for dogs which have no stuffing so that the body is flat? My beagle LOVES these, she carries it around and flicks it….she does destroy them after a while but she LOVES them…Love seeing all about your dog. I love it when they makes me laugh!!

    • Thank you, Sarah! Furry animals with no stuffing?! We have never seen those here……but my humans make them sometimes by pulling out all the stuffing from my stuffed animal and giving me the flattened toy……they are so afraid i might eat the stuffing…..which i absolutely enjoy doing πŸ˜€

  5. My Beagle is the reason I moved to black kongs as well! Red ones weren’t up to the task. Determined beagle thing πŸ˜‰

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