Lazy thief

I got my long claws trimmed and paw pad fur shaved at the vet’s groomer last weekend…….they call it a pawdicure!! Sounds classy but I didn’t quite like it…. but I stood perfectly still on the groomer’s table!

They are not much shorter but at least I don’t make that click clack noise on the marble floor anymore….

Spring on the other hand made quite a scene by jumping off the groomer’s table, trying to escape and struggling non stop. She even screamed like a burning vampire when her nails got clipped. My humans were a little embarrassed by her crazy behavior. She didn’t seem to enjoy her pawdicure at all….. lol

We went to the park afterwards and had lots of fun running around and sniffing………….until crazy Spring decided to attack a smaller dog. She has always been jumpy around other dogs but she has never attacked them before unless they come and irritate her first. Recently at day care, she also attacked a puppy (first timer at day care) while he was just minding his own business. My humans thought that by going to day care it might help her in socializing (she came from a very unsocialized background), but it seems that she has taken her aggression up another level. I, too, have suffered quite a few cuts and scratches from her teeth. But I don’t care cause my skin is so thick, heh heh heh πŸ™‚ To my dear experienced readers, my humans would surely appreciate any suggestions or ideas you might have πŸ˜€

I got a raw egg for dinner. A rare treat! Spring gets them almost every day but my humans think it’s too fattening for an already fat beagle 😦 Fat? Isn’t that good? Fat is cute!!

My yummy egg

You would have thought chicken first…..but nope! Egg first!! Let’s get fat!

It’s just crazy me rolling around…..

Proof for you that my daily treat intake isn’t sufficient…….. I need more treats!!!

Yes yes… I am that cunning little thief who steals from your table at night….

Zzzzzzzz………..dreaming of getting fat………and plotting how to steal more of my human’s food in my dreams…….

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7 thoughts on “Lazy thief

  1. Awww, poor baby getting made so handsome! And a svelte beagle is even more handsome.

    I love the picture of standing up at the table. I’m glad mine hasn’t figured out that trick, although the Vizsla is perfect height to always scope it out!


    • Oh thank you! You’d be surprised, I can jump up on the chairs too and grab stuff off the table! πŸ˜€ And they wonder how those yummy treats have gone missing πŸ™‚

      • Would your Mom mind if I pinned this to my dog board on Pinterest?

        When my big brother (the Vizsla) was younger, my two-legged sister told my Mom that he was ill-behaved. Then her Vizsla proceeded to jump on top of the kitchen table to scope it out – in front of everyone. My Mom had a good laugh from that one!

        The beagle from Richmond (aka it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission)

      • Of course, she wouldn’t mind at all πŸ™‚ Wow I’d wanna learn how to jump on top of the kitchen table like your big brother! It sure would come in handy especially when they have left their McDonald’s fries where I can’t reach them…………. *evil little beagle*
        Well, as long as we put on that innocent doe-eyed face, I’m sure humans won’t ever blame us for anything… πŸ˜€

      • Here it is!

  2. Burger has been trying some fat dog antics too. Must be a beagle thing!

    Our dogs do better off leash when they are meeting someone new. We go to the dog park with Burger and Meister about once a week. Going somewhere new with a lot of dogs might be overwhelming. Neutral territory is good but if you could introduce one dog first to get comfortable that might help Spring.

    • Thanks! There was only one small dog at the park when we were there, her owner was carrying her and just happened to put her down when Spring rushed over to attack….we thought it was weird. There were always other dogs around but she never really paid attention to them and usually tries to avoid them.

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