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The vet’s clinic

Last weekend our humans brought us to the vet’s clinic – my favorite vet at Mayo Veterinary Clinic. It’s definitely not Spring’s favorite… in fact she hates going to the clinic so much that she will freak out and pee whenever she gets on the examination table. I, on the other hand, love this guy so much…. as long as he didn’t try to pop any pills down my throat.

Anyway, we were at the vet because Spring’s booster shots were due, and also because mom allegedly saw a live intestinal worm on the car porch the other day. I say, allegedly, because she saw some long thing that moved like a worm and then screamed the whole hell down and jumped into conclusion that it was a worm that crawled out of our butts.

So, we ended up at the vet’s……

I was looking at this strange cat because he was doing something really weird….

He was ripping up newspaper and jumping at the ripped newspaper! I told him “what a weird game you play!” But he ignored me and continued entertaining himself like that….

These kitties are for adoption. They were observing me like a hawk! Creepy little things…..!

When it was our turn….. Doc recognized me as “the dog that refuses to swallow her pills”. So my embarrassed humans decided to take the deworming pills and administer it to us at home by themselves. Spring got her shots after a moment of drama as I weighed myself at the scales. 14.9kg!! Still lots of room for more food!

I wonder why Doc never explained to them about the canine anatomy regarding the pills. Here, I would like to share with you a perfect explanation on why it is difficult to get us canines to swallow our pills. Behold, the canine pill expulsion mechanism!!!

Thanks to the genius who so accurately illustrated this. Now you know.

So, please don’t blame your doggies if they give you a hard time popping pills down their throats. It’s a natural built in reflex!

So tired after a day of sniffing and resisting pills…..zzzzz….

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Another example of cruelty

This post was shared from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page. Picture may be disturbing.


Link to the original post here

Some local councils have been employing cruel methods to get rid of the stray dog population especially in the city area. Most include beating, poisoning, shooting, etc. There are also cases where neighbours or strangers simply poison, beat or stab somebody’s pet dog.

In this world, not everyone is tolerant towards dogs, and some may take things to the extreme. Until the entire human race learns to respect and treat animals humanely, dogs continue to suffer abuse in silence and without the voice to speak. Sad, indeed.

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New treats

Mom got a salary raise recently, and all we got were these cheap treats…..


Well, some is definitely better than none! Off to chew on my new milk bone now! 😀

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Seaside sunrise

Continued from my previous post here.

We woke up early in the morning at 6am to bug our humans for breakfast. We got our breakfast and then headed to the beach and in time to watch the sunrise!




Can you spot me?

I’m sniffing some more….

Hi mom….let’s go sniff some more….

Sniff sniff….


Hang on just let me sniff this tree a moment

Ok mom, you can take my picture now.

And back to sniffing again….i smell ants nests around here!

Picture again??

We saw a handsome golden retriever and his tiny shih tzu companion down at the sea.

But I’m too tired from all that sniffing…

Spring was barking at them….


We checked out shortly after our morning walk, and headed back to the city. I will miss the seaside!

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Sun, sand and sea!

We spent the weekend at Ruby’s Resort located at the beautiful Cherating beach in Pahang. It’s a 3 hour drive from KL.

The highway heading towards Cherating.

The tiny gravel sand road leading into the beach and the resort.

We are almost there!

The beautiful beach!

Sun, sand and the salty smell of the big blue sea.

Started my adventures with sniffing first……

Let’s go swimming!

Don’t quite like the waves…..too rough!

Spring the little coward wouldn’t even go near the water……

Look mom, i found a stick

An even bigger stick!

Relaxing view

Let’s stop taking pictures and get moving already……i haven’t sniffed that tree!

Finally after a tiring evening at the beach, we return to the chalet for our dinner and some rest…..

Our humans left us at the porch while they went off to have their BBQ dinner!!

Where are you going?! I want to come too! I smell good food and I don’t like being left out!!

Please let me come…..I promise to eat just one small chicken wing…..

Of course they didn’t take us….

And when it got hot outside…..

Let me in!!!

Time to get some rest….



That was a day at the beach!! Stay tuned for my sunrise pictures next…. 🙂

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