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An evening walk

Today my human mom found that I had an accident at home and had eaten all my poop (again!!) and she was so disgusted at me. Come on mom, beagle poop is really yummy, besides, it smells really interesting 😀

She decided to take me for an evening walk around the neighbourhood since it wasn’t raining today. It was a little hot though but I didn’t mind. So out we went and usually mom would take the back alleys to avoid moving cars but today we saw a group of unknown people sitting in the back alley and to be safe mom decided to take another route instead. So we walked along the rows of houses and I sniffed a lot! There were many dogs behind the gates of some houses but I wasn’t really interested in them. I was more interested in sniffing! Mom thought I was being rude.

Mom wanted to bring along her phone so she could snap some pictures but she was so afraid of being mugged… Haha 🙂 She doesn’t believe I can protect her because she says I’m so small and I’m always busy sniffing the ground!

This is me after my walk. Happy 😀 I was very thirsty after walking and I drank a lot.


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Lamb bones

My human mom gave us a rare treat after dinner tonight. Raw meaty lamb bones! I love raw meaty bones!

Mom made me eat my snack in the pen because she says I’m a messy eater and she was so pissed at me the last time I had a raw chicken drumstick and dragged it all over the couch, blood and all. So now I have to eat my bones in the pen.

I have to eat it on the pink mat so mom wouldn’t have to clean the floor after I’m done.

My sister Spring is allowed to eat anywhere she liked as she’s not a messy eater like me and won’t parade her bone around.

Plus, mom has to separate the both of us everytime we get bones as snacks. Because I finish mine so quickly and Spring is so freaking slow. I always tell her “Come on, if you’re not gonna finish that, I could help you with that you know.” But she always gets angry and snaps at me. Geez lady, I’m just trying to help!

Spring is like that with her treats and bones but she doesn’t mind me cleaning up her leftover food. Mom must be so proud of me because whenever there is leftover food to waste, worry not! Cookie the cleaning machine is here to rescue the day and save the environment 🙂

Oh mom, what will you do without me? 🙂


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Something’s out there

Let me out! I know I just came in but I saw something out there that I need to chase!

A cat? Or a bird?

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French Fries

McDonalds. GIMME!!


Forcefully stealing it doesn’t seems to work….. I’m much too short 😦 Let’s try the sad stare and maybe she will take pity and give me some….


I want it………… GIMME! Oh what’s a poor lil beagle gotta do around here to get a fast food fix!

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Sleeping beagle

Beagles can be pigs too when it comes to sleeping. I could sleep for hours! My humans think I look cute (and sometimes pretty obscene) when I’m sleeping…





When the weather is super hot, i prefer sleeping on the cool marble floor….



On weekends, i love to snuggle up with mom (more like her legs) and sleep in late with her. After i’ve had my breakfast and potty of course 🙂



Ah a beagle’s life! I shall go take a nap now and dream of bacon and cheese. Yum yum…..


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