A raw meal in action

Sometimes I get a raw meal for dinner, usually chicken, some veggies and a small bit of yogurt.  Here’s a video of me wolfing down my delicious raw meal.

Om nom nom nom……crunchy!



I think I feel like having a nice big sandwich today…..

Yo human, put that down where I can gobble it!

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Intricate: Brown meets black meets white!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Intricate.”

You never really know the true meaning of “Tri-colour” until you’ve seen brown-meets-black-meets-white :)

Look closely, do you see how the colours marry each other? BOL

Here, let me show you another pattern….


Now you know the pattern of an aging tricolour beagle, when black slowly fades to brown and eventually more white blends in!

Yes, I’m slowly losing my glossy black colour to the invading brown and white fur!


Oh just let me sleep…..

A beagle has better things to do like dreaming about afternoon snacks on a lazy Saturday, than worry about the intricate colour patterns of an aging beagle.  Who cares about aging when you can have afternoon snacks and perhaps an extra treat……later….. 

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How to shoot a beagle

Oh, I’m just doing it for the treats.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Motion.”

Must. Sniff. Everything.

A typical beagle walk is always described as: nose to the ground, and sniff as many things as possible in one single walk!

Sometimes, if you get lucky, you might even find a discarded piece of rotten but edible morsel lying on the ground just waiting, no, calling out to be picked up and chomped on.  But all must be done with careful caution that the human doesn’t see it!

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Beagle Meet-up at Pet Fiesta 2015

Ohh the perks of being part of a local beagle community!  We have gatherings and meet-ups once in a while and I’m glad to be part of the Pet Fiesta beagle meet-up!

Unfortunately my human was too busy to take any photos (you know how chaotic it gets when we beagles get together, right?), so here are some pictures courtesy of our other beagle friends!!


It’s meet and sniff time!!


Just a few of us , this time!


This is what happens when you try to take a beagle group photo. As you can see, my human is not pleased that I’ve decided to show off my butthole :)


Okay, I’m all smiles now!! OH wait a minute, is that Oddy sitting on my human’s feet?! Hey that’s MY spot!

Although we were there for just less than an hour, we were exhausted!  The weather was freakin hot and there was just sooooo much sniffing butts to do!

And I finally got to meet some of my beagle friends whom I’ve only ever met through Facebook :D  Well, you know beagles warm up to each other pretty easily with just a simple butt sniff to know what the other beagle had for dinner last night :) 

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