Pet Fiesta

So my humans brought me to the Pet Fiesta today. Too bad, it was not as I had expected. There were no doggy playground, treadmills, pet buffet area (which I was looking forward to!!), or pet friendly food stalls in the outdoor section as promised in the adverts. All we saw were a few empty outdoor tents!

All empty! The fair was supposed to start at 11am and we were there at 1130am, but nothing!

Allow me to leave some pee-mail here.

As for the indoor exhibition area, only small dogs in carrier bags were allowed. Totally not beagle friendly at all. My humans said they were not gonna lug around a 17kg fat ass in a bag so too bad for me!

We ended up just hanging around the lawn area for a few minutes, and then we went home.

The pretty park


Let’s get out of here…..

Smile for the camera! Sheesh.

Upset and disappointed that I missed out on the pet buffet. :(

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My human found Salvador at a curious corner in a bookshop. Of all places.


He was on sale with a huge discount and had a retractable body that came with his ridiculously large goofy head. He’s supposed to make a very good fetch toy.

Unfortunately for him, I prefer to tug at his head.

Poor Salvador, another ploy my human thought she could use to get some peace to eat her takeout dinner.


No one fools the beagle. I’m just gonna sit here and stare.

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String of unfortunate events and… cat watching!

Haven’t had the chance to brag about my perfectly lazy life of a pampered pooch lately, no thanks to my human who has been busy, no actually quite lazy. It’s high time someone else in this house got the “lazy fat ass” title instead of me!

Who’s the lazy fat ass now!

A lot has happened in the past one month. Forgive my human for her laziness as she has had quite a rough month, finally quitting her job and looking for a new one. Well, as long as it puts food in my bowl, I am totally fine with it. Our house got struck bad by lightning during a bad storm one day, and it burnt our TV (oh no, there goes my favourite 2 Broke Girls show and the cupcake monster Sophie), the decoder, alarm system and a couple of other electrical damages. Worst of all my human had to dig into our treats fund to pay for all the overpriced repairs so no treats for a month! Ohhh this is how it feels to be a poor man’s dog……or in this case…. a poor woman’s dog! And then there is the water crisis due to the recent drought and dams drying up. We now survive on a tight water supply rationing schedule where the water supply is cut off every 2 days for 55 hours. So my humans would be very cross with me if I were to roll in poop (or dead animals) on days when we have no direct water supply. What better way to put them on their toes :)

The feud between me and the cats next door has escalated into full fledged war ever since the day mother cat decided to take a swipe at me for charging at her kittens. In my defense, they were lounging under MY tree, my territory. Since then I have been on cat watch duty every night, or whenever I can.

Cat watching from the window

You can’t shut the door on me! I have “eyes” on my nose!

On cat watch duty…..bring some treats would you?

Hey, I can see them man….. I can totally see them…..

So there will be a Pet Fiesta event this weekend and I’m really looking forward to go! There will be a large Hawaiian themed outdoor park for dogs, events, competitions, photo booths and all sorts of shows and exhibitions! I’m hoping to win some dog food eating competition….. if there is such competition! My humans are more interested to meet the Tibetan Mastiff who was specially flown in from China. There will be dog breed club gatherings too like husky clubs, chow chow club, american bullies club, etc. Unfortunately, there is no beagle club! I wonder why.


It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a pet event! I really do hope my humans take me there this weekend. :) It would be fun!

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My Kong collection

My humans always thought that Kong toys are the most durable dog toys in the world. Well, not for a beagle! At least, not all of them.

Over the past 2 years I’ve collected (and destroyed) quite a number of Kong toys.

This is my Kong collection :)

And my thoughts on which Kong I think is the best…..

No. 10: Puppy teething stick

My first kong ever! As you can see, it’s all chewed up and brittle….. my humans stopped giving me this once I grew my big, sharp teeth :D

No. 9: Braidz

My monkey braidz….. It took me a few minutes to sever its arm…..

No. 8: Pet stix

Pet stix….. its seams exploded after a few days…..

No. 7: Squiggles

My humans only let me play with it for a limited time only each day…. so it took me a couple of weeks to chew off an ear and tear a large hole in its neck. I love this toy because it stretches and squeaks a lot!

No. 6: Air dog

Its skin is all chewed up and fuzzy. I love tennis balls, so I love this toy too. :)

No. 5: Wubba

My wubba…. well, the picture tells a thousand words….. I love the shaking and squeaking and most of all, chewing the tails off…..

No. 4: Wobbler

The wobbler….. full of scratches from my teeth and from dragging it all over the floor. I got the treats out easily by pushing it into a corner, holding it with one paw and using the other paw to twist it open. No challenge at all.

No. 3, 2 & 1! Kong extremes

By far, these are the most durable Kongs I ever had and the only ones I get to lay my paws and teeth on every day. My humans stuff yummy treats in it and the hard rubber ball is the only ball that I haven’t been able to destroy……yet. I’ve been chewing on the Kong extreme and Extreme Goodie Bone for 2 years and they have only suffered minor scratches.

Best of all, I love my Kong ball. I make my humans play with me until they get so sick of throwing the ball or tugging it from my mouth or having to constantly retrieve it from under the sofa because I would deliberately push it underneath for fun and then bark at them.

Play with me!

My sister Spring, being all stuck up and refusing to play with me…. :(

So my verdict: all the kong toys are super fun to play with, but only the extreme rubber toys can withstand a beagle!

I would love very much to get my
paws on a Kong shakers, but unfortunately it’s a new product which might take months to be available here…… and my humans say I’m a spoilt dog with far too many toys! A dog can never have far too many toys!

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Hotter days

The weather has been really hot and dry lately with no rain at all! I enjoy my morning walks, but evening walks can be a pain nowadays. The roads are scorching hot even until late in the evening. My paws are all dry, cracked and coarse :(

Dried leaves scattered all over the sidewalks and roads….. They are pretty fun to trample on!

I am currently transitioning from Canine Caviar Special Needs Dinner to Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. My humans have been putting me on a very strict diet and going all stingy with the treats. Sometimes they have their mouth watering breakfast in front of me without even offering me a small tiny bite. So I do my best to extort what I can.

Stop right there and hand me the bacon!

Unfortunately, my humans are dead serious about the diet this time :(

It’s okay. My human grandfather still gives in to my demands whenever I act all cute and lovey dovey.

What an easy target.

The hot weather also makes me very tired and lazy.

This is how I love to spend my afternoons. With the air-conditioning on.

Hope it rains pretty soon or my humans are gonna make me do a silly little rain dance!

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